The Chances of Life – The Choices I Make

Remember that what brings you to these words, images and page right now is a choice! A sequence of choices that culminate in you reading this right now. Remember that there is a logic, your internal algorithm that sifts through all this internet to find one word, image or person that answers your search. Embryonic choices that zigzag into an illuminated sphere of discovery. Or not.

Then chance takes over. This is where life intervenes.Life makes the choice. Whether I like it or not.

Always put the heat over your choices. Put the heat over your chances. Find out what endures, what melts down. Use your own logic to discern spiritual teachings, gurus, channels and information. Put what I say into your imaginary furnace. Hammer it. Temper it. Bend it. Find what is useful for you. Burn the rest.

Let no God, Demon, Man, Woman or Beast ever take away your right.  To forge your own truth. Sounds extreme but I believe in the freedom of the individual pursuit of truth. Yes, there are consequences. Fire still burns, speed still kills so have respect for life. Life is a awesome feedback mechanism that makes it real. We often get what we feel and think about the most. You are free to think your worst or best. Yet some thoughts never die. Each thought is a choice that begets an experience be it good, bad or indifferent! Even if you have chased a 1000 fantasies, fled a 1000 fears and made a 1000 stupid choices. They are YOUR fantasies, YOUR fears, YOUR stupidity. I have my own. Some thoughts never die?

How do we kill a thought?

You make a choice eh! Here is my painting of a circling light fields radiating from a square embryo connected to umbilical series of zig zag choices.

My face is actually at the centre of the square embryo if you stare with open mind.


Do the Work

So much information around. Internet is like an extension of my brain. It sits inside a bigger Space called my Mind. Bytes and bits hurling through this Mind Space like rays and rays of infinite light falling on the atmosphere of my conscious awareness. Photonic, harmonic, tectonic, lots of ironics.

Yet I need to do the Work? Filtering, cleaning, circulating, orbiting. Copying the Earth as she rotates and spirals old energy into new spaces. I need to do the same. Shake my head. Find my heart.

Really this site is about my own search, discovering my own truths. It is not meant to be any thing special. A journey of one man’s life, a journalling of my own insights.

I must do the Work. Face the struggle of new growth. Daily growth. Shed old beliefs like old leaves falling from my own Tree of Life. Small changes 1% performed daily eventually make great transformations over time. Some of my thoughts are not new. I have written them down in my own handwriting many years ago. Sat there waiting to be regrown. I look at my fingernails as I type this. I look at them for couple seconds. No movement I can see but I only cut them three or four days ago yet that tiny whitish arc is already growing outwards. Soon to be darkened by the earth of daily life. At a cellular level, there is movement of cells building up the nail. Naturale or polished to reflect the person or the hand. When does the hand stop? Or my brain begin? Just because medicine shows me a picture of a brain in my head, does not stop me from imagining having brains inside my cells.

Complexities like this I enjoy. It is good training to take meaningless observations or questions that soon get judged and discarded with “ah that is just pointless, going around circles, what is your point, you are talking rubbish?”

Does your rubbish talk?


One must do the Work. Turn the soil of hardened thought. Remove the habitual response. Till the cultural clod. Be grateful for the field of infinite fertility that we walk in. Yet be aware of the limitations of the Brain.  Myopia of the Senses. Your Garden of Eden is within.You must daily walk through it on the Way to Work.