My current Walk of Aotearoa (WOA) Post is that I have finished the South Island. Roughly walked last 50days at 20-25km/day.. about 1000km. Cross over Interislander Ferry Picton to Wellington 30 Nov 22. Meet few peeps in Wellington. Rest and then move on up North Island.

Some observations.
The South Island is full of colonial names. Names like Glenorchy, Dunedin, Cromwell, Brunner, Duntroon, Shanodadh, Mesopotamia, Wye, Buller, St Anaud. I believe Anaud was a French General in Crimean War. Nelson named after Lord Nelson. Wellington after Duke of Wellington.

Many memorials to the Boer War, WW1 and WW2 in small South Island towns. The popular military myth is that the ANZAC (Aust NZ Army Corps) legend was forged on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey during WW1. Nah. BS. Half century before WW1, Australian Regimental Troops joined NZ Colonial Troops and British Imperial Forces to fight the Maori Resistance here on the shores of New Zealand during Waikato-Taranaki Wars 1860-1880s when Governor Grey was ordered to crush Maori resistance, regardless of the signed 1840 Waitangi Treaty with Queen Victoria. Same thing happened in America in 1880s with Sioux massacre at Wounded Knee, the pursuit of Geronimo and Apache people and the invasion and removal of Queen Leilani of The Sovereign Nation of Hawaii by US Marines in 1893. USA, UK, AUS, NZ quick to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea. Look in your own historical backyards first.

My Own Military March. (Past to Present).
I have visited every major battle site in NZ from the New Zealand Wars starting Northern Wars, Waikato Wars, Taranaki Wars, East Coast Wars, Wellington Wars and South Island Wars. In 1993, I was Captain ADC to Governor-General. Helped introduce Maori military roles into NZ Royal protocols. Assisted with NZArmy-Ngati Tumatauenga formation in 1994. Changing NZ Army Coat of Arms to Crossed Sword and Taiaha. Small but symbolic step. Did my masters on Maori warfare strategies. Started my PhD but I needed these last 30 years to see my own evolution from military to spiritual warrior. I have carried a flag of nearly 1000 Maori Battalion soldiers in these last 10 years to remind me. This is my Walk of Ahau (WOA) Path. My inner walk.

Future Wars of Aotearoa.
In next decade 2023-2033 I believe increasing climate storms with advancing weapons of technology may see parts of Earth become Red Planet (Mars). Red dustbowls devoid of life. We must regreen the life force of the planet to support next gen evolution. Restore thin blue line around Earth. Reduce human conflict chain detonations. Conscious coexistence without needing to bomb the shit out of each other. Again we all gotta do our own inner work. Work it out. Walk it in. I believe that here in Aotearoa NZ, we can become the Peace Arc of the Pacific. The World. Ancient peaces of memory still lie deep in the stone here. The bone. Lol. Just my opin. Again you gotta dig down. Bring it out for these times.

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