Cultivate The Great Tree Within

In order for peace and justice to emerge on the surface of humanity, we need to cultivate beneath surfaces. Go deep into the heartland of thy being. Beneath the depths of our soul. The roots of Creation. To discover the Great IAM within. Cultivate the Great Tree of Light within.

We all need to do the inner work, purify our own internal dogma, grievances, heal ghosts and wounded ancestries. Begins with my self. Governance begins inside me. Self Belief. Self Creation. Self Defence. Self Discipline. Disciple of Self. Who am I? The Quest of Self begins. Then I can be fully present to take my rightful place for I know who I am. My new name I declare. Old settler name or new sovereign name? Nah I must take full responsibility for the words of my own mouth, the acts from my own hand? I restore the honour I have broken, i heal the harm I have done. Honour and harmony. I expect others to pick up their own shit, keep their word, honour themselves. This process of reclamation of sovereignty. Its not about external systems, titles and new emperors having sovereignty again as per old forms. Nah the new sovereignty will not be a simple duplication of the old structure.

The monarch butterfly must leave its old earth bound caterpillar body….

A new language of life emerges. The AURA is The Crown. IAM AHAU. IAM AU. AU is Chemical Symbol for Gold.

AURA = Your Golden Light…..Many Colours within.  Hmmm. Look in the mirror. Really look in the mirror? That’s just an appearance. Close your eyes. Now start to see. Expand your perceptions. Extend yourself beyond the borders of your body. Beyond the beliefs of your brain. Just a nut. It has to crack sometime.

A New Tree of Light emerges. Illuminated States of Mind.

New Lands of Life emerge from fossil concrete…


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