Wairua 2020 – See The Changes Coming


Its called Climate Payback. Waves of it are building up now.  Every year from now on-wards. 2019. 2020. 2021. 2022. 2023. 2024. 2025. 2026. 2027. 2028. 10 Year Climate PayBack. The pay waves getting Bigger. Higher. Hotter. Colder. Faster. Wetter. Angrier. Expect 5 metre sea-level rises and swells. (5m is roughly 2-story house or telephone pole all under water).  Why?  The Earth has like a fever.  Like any sick person, she will have hot and cold temperatures.  Burning Heatwaves. Freezing Cold-snaps. Polar Caps melting like a runny nose at both ends. Slow jet streams and clogged ocean streams like global constipation.  Human cities clogging the Earth colon. Huge floods, cyclones and record winds erupt like a huge cough and anal flush at both ends to move blocks.  Gahhh.  We should have started this 20-40 years ago. Nah. We effed around. Forests be greener. Rivers cleaner. Except we now have forest die-back. Dead wood. Dead soil. Dead river. Soon dead children. Make life changes now. By last light 2020.  For our kids.

My generation who are 50 years and older now. I am talking to us!

We start to face forward and take the incoming blows. Don’t let the kids of today take the hits for something they did not start nor deserve. Some of you Board Directors, Bankers, Investors, Business Round-table etc your money is gonna be worthless and will not buy you loyalty when the Big Wave comes. He is coming.. Start making the change now… Have some guts, grow some balls or whatever and make a stand for the right thing. For the kids. Don’t be gutless pricks and hide in your ivory towers and security guarded hideaways here in New Zealand. Nah.

These climate waves will get worse each year. Trump rants are distractions. Financial Crash 2018-2019? Maybe.. What to do? Where to go? Everyone can do something. Change something. Now. Just build up a resilient feeling. A spirit that not easily knocked down. Check your heart still there. You can be counted on. We may all die and get torn apart by an angry iceberg but we save our last words of love and breath for the kids. Herd them towards safety and take the big blows. Good. Remember there is more inside us than we know. Keep calm. Keep perspective. Steady. You don’t need all the shit you think you need. Start getting your head, heart, hands in order. D Day is approaching. Not all people will wake up. They not your problem. You are.

Look for the Wairua 2020. See The Changes Coming.



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