New Seeds Emerge From Dark Soil

Already passed through the shortest day longest night in the Southern Hemisphere. Solstice. Te Po Nui. Te Po Roa. Night is the fertile bed of darkness where the Light awakens from its sleep. Even the Sun needs a rest. Do not see things literally for the mind will not embrace the magic of the inner child.

Ahaaa…. the Child..

We must awaken the Child inside the Adult. The Seed beneath the Concrete of Confinement. Disruption is the cry of the time. Disorder. Climate Crashing. End of Days…


The fruit must rot for the new seeds to emerge. The mind has to let go of the control stick and allow the emergent self to navigate through these uncertain days ahead. Aho, Ahoy, Aaaaargh.

Find the rhythm and the rhyme within the chaos. Make musical patterns in the mud. Be like a child and enjoy the wonders of having a fresh shit with 50 years life experience in your diapers.

Meanwhile as I am writing this… a strange woman from London calls me to see if I am interested in some foreign exchange banking scheme. God save the Queen. The Queen Mother. The Great Mother. The Mother of Life. Mother Earth

Let us reconnect with the Great Mother Earth. Here are the children in quiet prayer from a recent Eco-Warrior Camp for Kids that I ran.

Te Haa Kore Mutunga

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