My Notes from Gandhi International Peace Course Jan 2020, India

Notes written from attending International Peace Course at The Gandhi Research University, Jalgaon India during January 2020. Attended by invited students from all over the World. Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Pacific and New Zealand.

Build Own Ashram.
Gandhi built his own ashram or place of truth. His own sanctuary where he lived and practiced his beliefs. His own vows of behaviour. Hard physical labour. Clean living. Spiritual practice. One must build one’s own temple. No different to a marae, a mosque, a monastery. All can be considered as places of inner reflection. Spiritual growth. It does not have to be huge or elaborate. Start small and simple. But first, you must rebuild yourself from inside-out. Once your inner house is reset. Then you can build your ashram around it.

Satyagraha 2020
Satyagraha was Gandhi term for “following your truth”. So I must find my own truths. What? You are here to be A Disciple of Self.  To stand for your truth. To stand in your truth. To remove what restricts you. Remove what is not you. Reveal the Guardian Spirit. Build Moral, Intellectual, Physical strength to do right thing. Deal with discomfort. Imperfection. Inconvenience. Incompletion. Fuckups. Old corpses. Old shit. Wipe away. Reset. Move on. Find your own Way. The Way of Aiokoa

Daily Karakia Practice.
Physical. Spiritual. Natural. Physical movement. No movement. The Space Between Heartbeats. Feel your own Pulse.

Kore. Find your Own Natural Way. Integrate your own movements. Own kata. Haka your Self Philosophy. Your Code of Ethics. Inside this Climate World.  Clearing Purifying the Polluted Soul.

Tahi Ahau..
Sweeping The Self. Clearing Self. Forgiving Ill-Thoughts. Ill-Words. Ill Deeds. Ancestral lineages. Celestial. Terrestrial. Elemental blockages. Purification.

Breath Walker
Growth is the new measure. Goals are just steps. Step into your body one month, one year from now with goals achieved. How have you grown? Walk into new body of being. Reset. Regrow. Walk forward again. Breathe in Time. Will this crisis bother you in one year? Will this deed be remembered in one year? At the end of your life? Pleasure and Pain. The Duality of Existence inside the One Experience. Breathe. Count to 10 before telling someone to fuck off. Walk 10 paces before turning around. Reaction control. Unless being attacked. Danger. Move now. Know difference between fear and danger. Know difference between love and truth. Not all love is sweetness. Love can hurt like shit. Some medicine can be bitter. But it kills the virus full stop.

Haa Whenua
Rebirth. Rebreath. Renew. The Awakened Heartbeat. First Result. First Sanctuary.  A New Breath of lIfe.

Use this time wisely. Go inside to recultivate yourself. This is Your Inner Temple. Dojo. Ashram. Mosque. Marae…. You share this inner food with the outer world.

The wild flowers of an exuberant soil. Jubilant song of the winged ones. Life rejoices. A new light is found.

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