Create Own Healing Symbols

You have your own signatures inside you. Waiting to be read…

You have your own seals left by you. To be discovered by you. In this time.

You must remove the hubris. Wipe the dust. From the tomb of your body. To reveal the sigils. The codes that point the way. Inwards. Into the Core of thy Being. To reveal your hidden heart land. The home of truth. Your truth. Not mine. Not others. Yours.

If symbols of this outward world do not resonate for you at a heart level. If Reiki symbols do not resonate for you. Nor Runes. Nor Cruciforms. Nor Sanscrit. Nor the words in this blog. Then feel free to create your own. Invert, convert, subvert these outward symbols into something totally new, holy & illuminating for you. No one nor thing has a monopoly on truth. Only masses of opinion aggregated into concrete beliefs forming the understructure to modern thought. Truth is the untamed wilderness where the soul runs free. It warms the heart. Like first rays of morning sunlight that warm a shivering bird.

Hence in your healing work. Let your heart be your healing eye, ear, voice and touch. Make your own medicine. Treat your own poison. Know the difference. Everything is relative. No absolutes. One person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. With a whole continuum of shades and shines in between. Just a drop of this added to a bowl of that can make it explode or make it go flat. Same with symbols. Add your own essence. Like the blood surging through your heart. It is your own unique sound of life. The heartbeat that connects to the symbol. Makes it comes alive. Haumi e, hui e, taiki e.

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