Creating A Distinctive New Zealand Tradition…
Dear Hirini
I appreciated the effort you put into incorporating the Maori challenge into the Credentials Ceremony at Government House. We have created a new tradition that is distinctly New Zealand. Many thanks.

Dame Catherine Tizard ONZ, GCMG, GCVO, DBE, QSO
Former Governor-General
New Zealand

Helping Establish Ngati Tumatauenga in The Army….
I wish to convey the Governor-General’s appreciation for your role in the Credentials ceremony representing Ngati Tumatauenga. Your deportment, skill and performance has not only impressed The Governor General and her officials, but also visiting dignitaries. May I also add my thanks in helping to establish Ngati Tumatauenga within the Army and the nation. Well done.

Maj-Gen A.L Birks CB, OBE
Former Chief of Army
New Zealand Army

Philip Raises Over One Million Dollars Within Six Weeks….
I really gained a huge amount in the six weeks that I worked with Hirini. It was a very easy to follow approach using nature teachings from the Maori that helped grow my key objective into a successful outcome. Part of the course was a series of exercises that were physically and mentally challenging. Yet these challenges brought out hidden beliefs and behaviour reactions that overflowed into other areas of life. A key learning for me was balancing both the heart and the head in my decisions and actions. Mixing these two elements together gave me a greater, more pleasing result then applying just one. My key objective for the six weeks was to raise $5 million in venture capital and start a public company. By the end of the 6 weeks I had raised about a quarter of this ($1.25 million) and the public company was 100% set up and running. My results were well worth the efforts I put in. And the team I was working with to do this benefited from Hirini’s program as well. There was no keeping the great insights resulting from this program to myself.

Philip Wengier
Victoria, Australia
Saratoga Investment Fund ASX
PS. Phil did raise his 5 million dollars. It just took another 4 weeks.

Both A Warrior And A Healer
Hirini has presented at the New Zealand Accelerated Learning Convention on 3 occasions. Delegates have been left with a sense of awe and respect for one of New Zealand’s finest presenters. He presents with theatre, panache and integrity. Hirini is an inspiring storyteller and presenter. He is able to weave the nature of Aotearoa into the substance of his story. He both challenges you and encourages you. He is able to reach inside and touch your inner self. He has both a warrior and a healing energy about him. Something quite extraordinary and powerful about his presence.

Brent Stubbins
New Zealand Accelerated Learning Convention.

Using The HeartBeat To Calm The Flying Fear….
Recently I attended a half-hour body and soul workshop with Hirini. He taught us a simple relaxation technique using our heartbeats. Two days later, I sat next to a woman on a plane who was terrified of flying. I showed her the heartbeat technique. It worked in calming her down and she was able to complete the flight comfortably. She was thrilled to have learned a technique to ensure she will never again be anxious on a flight. I’ve used the technique myself to help me sleep, and to calm at various parts in the day. I’m very grateful this has made such a difference.

Wendy Wilson
Life Coach
New Zealand

Deborah Leaves Well Paid “Day Job” And Follows Her Heart….
So much of Hirini’s work is done at a level that we aren’t even “consciously” aware of. There are so many aspects of Hirini that go way beyond anything of his qualifications or that a few words can explain. If you allow yourself to trust his guidance you will find yourself rising to new heights in your own development. Hirini’s teleseminar’s came along for me at a time when I had some idea of my purpose and yet was frustrated that it hadn’t come to the fruition that I so deeply desired. During the 6 week coaching period I was able to articulate several key objectives and identify blockages. I am now well on my way to clearing the blockages and have achieved many of the objectives. I have a life purpose to heal animals and their universal environment, including their earthly human friends. Since starting the coaching sessions I have released myself from my well paid “day job” and followed my heart into my healing business full-time. I have identifed lots more key objectives and more importantly I have lots of new tools that I use in my everyday life which allow me to be all that I am meant to be in this world. Manifestations come to me a lot easier now and I am amazed at the speed of my progression. Thank you Hirini for gifting me with this wonderful opportunity to connect to who I am and become whole once again.

Deborah Stewart
Queensland, Australia

Helping Young People..
Mr Reedy is the bomb. He spent a day with our Young Enterprise company here at Ngata College. He spoke to us about our role as future business leaders. He said business was about teamwork so we went for a team run carrying these huge concrete bricks. I forgot my runners so I had to run in bare feet. The highlight for me was when he showed us how to break a thick board with our bare hands. Some of us did not think we could do it. But we all did. It showed the power of our own minds. We are all on a high now. We feel we can achieve anything if we work together as a team and use the power of our minds…

Pearl Walsh
Managing Director
Amorangi Holdings YES Company
Ngata Memorial College

Vince Washes Away Internal Crap He Has Carried For Over 40 Years….
Hirini is a down to earth, honest, no bullshit person, whose compassion, desire and passion to share his wisdom and experience has helped me wash away crap that I have carried around for over 40 years. The beauty of his course, is that just about anyone can utilise the process. The tools that the seminars provided me with have empowered me to tap into a creative essence that has lay dorment within me for years. The course content regarding growth and its cycles within nature and the teachings of Maori wisdom, gave real clarity into understanding how we as humans can gain true insights from the miracles of the universe.

It doesnt matter where you are at the present time, you just need to be true to yourself, have an open mind, follow the steps and stick with it, and enlightening things will start happening.

Vince Wathen
Mebourne, Australia

Hirini Rated As One of The Top Speakers For The Entire Conference….
Hirini presented an excellent session on New Values, New Governance at one of our conferences. Both the audience and Bright*Star Conferences benefited greatly from Hirini’s presentation. In terms of conference delegate ratings, Hirini rated as one of the top speakers for the entire conference. The level of passion and congruity of Hirini’s presentation was excellent and he was a major contributor towards what was an excellent event. With all this in mind, I would highly recommend Hirini as a speaker, and I will definitely consider inviting him to speak at related conferences in the future.

Tony Osborne
Project Manager
Bright*Star Conferences