My First Cultivations of Aio Koa

Aio Koa simply means “sleeping seed, wild flower”. Grown from the languages of the Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the Maoli of Hawaii. But you will not find it in the common tongue eh? Inside this name is an infinity of meanings. You must give it your OWN meaning. Otherwise just another signpost. Just another name…

Aio Koa is the sleeping and awakening of creation energy. In all the infinite manifestations that Creation gifts unto itself. Open your definitions to what this may mean? A seed awakens. An eye opens. A spark ignites. These become the wild flower, the beautiful vision and the flaming inferno. All forms of awakening energy. Activations. Then the cycle births again. Another awakens. A different dimension. The completed energy descends into sleep again, dreaming of its next incarnation. Its next awakening. Its next breath. Awaiting the eternal turning of the seasons. In the next nano-second or billion years. I breathe again.




Shamani, Magi, Reader of Hand
Mysteries invisible to modern man
Inside dark cave and swirling mist
Stands the Seer of My WHoliness.

You must perceive life through multiple “Eyes”.  See through the eyes of different life. A star, a worm, a tree, a hawk, a whale and more. See as a mountain. A river. A star. Speak new languages. Perceive as God, Io, El, Ehyeh, YHVH, Allah, Brahma, Shakti, Mary, Freya, Morgane, Ishtar, Kali, Goddess  whoever. The multiple “I”s of divinity. Like perceiving the subtle frequencies of the unified field. You are a mystic being. Even if you don’t know what this means?



Warrior, Soldier, Father, Midwife
Your strength summoned in heat of strife
Your honour, your duty to do what’s right
A burning blade in darkest night.

A blade cuts. Fire burns. Pain hurts. You must protect the life given to you.  And your loved ones. And unloved ones? Your very own nature will show you how best. Your own system of protection. From your own aggressive thoughts. From external threats. Purify your neurotic cerebral brain. Stop. Why are you thinking old definitions? Why are you still worshiping dead beliefs? Create new meanings. The Warrior You. Conceive your weapons, arms, armor and armies to protect your highest, loftiest definitions of YOU. Then you must protect YOU from you and you and you and.. all these small limitations of YOU.  You, I am my own worst enemy. You, I am my own best friend. Know the balance of the blade that cuts both light and dark.



Farmer, Weaver, Merchant, Wife
You all provide different fruits of life
The value you give, the bounty you share
As big as sky and free as air.

The Builder. The Farmer. The Grower. The fruit of your labour taste sweet. The buildings. The gardens. The sanctuaries. The animals. You are a maker. A cultivator. You cultivate life. Grow it in multiple ways. To feed all different hungers. My hunger different to your hunger. My starving stomach different to my hungry mind. Hurting heart different to lonely soul. All seeking nourishment. Different Forms. New Formula. Become a bountiful cultivator of life. A miracle maker of form.



Healer of life, Mender of bone
Running water upon human stone
My past safe and my future free
Along the river of my soul destiny

A walk in the forest relaxes you. Heals your headache. Your wounded heart. It replenishes your life force. Be a healer of the body-mind-heart-spirit. Sustaining the life flow of Earth and Sky. The blood and the water are one.  Healing our past pains. Making peace. The legacy of life as it flows from generation to generation. Dimension to dimension. Healing old incarnations, past lives and wounded planets.



Centre yourself. Unleash yourself. Now. In this Moment. Aio Koa Your Self, You, Soul Being. Inside this thundering moment, be fearless. And imagine the most glorious manifestations of your life you can conceive. Plant this precious AIO Seed into your body. Blow and bang it into your body. So you feel it!!! Haaaa. Cultivate it inside the story of your life. Earth it into fearless being of expression. KOA – the Wild Flower of Your Existence. Haaaaaah – Breathe. In This Moment. So that Life starts to circulate and pollinate through you. You have all the potentiality of Creation flowing through you. Why seek to be someone or something or somewhere else? Knock, knock Who is there? Stop thinking small my brother, my sister. Expand yourself to accommodate newer, larger meanings. You exist therefore Creation loves you. Otherwise you would not exist. You would not be here. Simple. Don’t over complicate shit. What are you waiting for?