Circular Evolution – For We The Bell Tolls

The poet John Donne said..

No man is an island
Entire of  himself
Each is a piece of the Continent
A part of the main…

For whom the bells tolls, it tolls for yee..

The bell can be both light and heavy,
the song bird or the lamenting gull,
Who knows where upon whom this shit
shall land?
Aeee laddie, just know that the time calls us all..

Now ladies and gentlemen, the TedX Speaker tries
to allay the concerns, the audience cries..
Is it too late to try? The Climate Feedback Chain
is already destroying the coasts of America, the
cliffs of Brexit and the Penguins of Antarctica..

No, no, no, it is dependent upon the circulation of currents,
AI solutions immersed with circular economic theories
Merged with quantum holographic commuting systems
that have been developed at Harvard and Stanford
while President Trump tweets a twot of twips.

Is that it? Yes… No… Maybe…
The End.

PS. A random piece of poetic prose. Been awhile since I last blogged.

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