Find New Tribe – Life Is Shifting

Life is shifting. Do not settle for the current status of life. Find a new tribe. Make new moves.
Find people like you who are making the shift. Time to move. Start cleaning out. Start giving. Give forth of your time, your talents & treasure. Your value is your gift. How much you can give? You receive. Your wealth is not your wallet. Your wealth is the invisible. You are only seeing the visible. Sensing the perceivable.There is infinitely more then what you sense. Stop looking at a bank account. Then you get anxious and depressed. Your mind is conditioned to see wealth as money in a bank, a house, a car, a good job. There is an infinite slipstream of wealth cascading down, through and beyond you every instantaneous moment of creation. Like the breath that is breathing through you. You are breathing out creation. Breathing into creation. Breathing is creation. This is true wealth, this is about Mana, not Money. Mana is Life Force, the Units of Life Currency flowing through Creation every eternal moment.

Guess what? Man-made creations around money and wealth are all going to change. It has to. Nature will slap man awake. It has to. Floods, fires, freezes are going to hit with more frequency. Financial markets are going to crash. Banks will become transparent. The appearances will melt down. People will wake up to the truth that money, finance and economics are man-made creations that only man worships and fears.

A little bird building its nest in the rain does not give a shit about our fears. It will face the challenges of its life without feeling sorry for itself..

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