LOVE = Level Of Vibrating Energy

Vibrations are impacting on many levels. Energy, both wireless and material is all around us. Right now there are infinite levels and lines of vibrating energy dancing in and out of my sensory awareness. Through the many vortices of my being.

Here is one definition.


What’s good LOVE? Bad LOVE? Big LOVE, Little LOVE? Huge LOVE with Ugly Beast Face. Lots of definitions of LOVE.

The love of a child. A love of mother. A love of an Ideal? Love of a pet? A tree. A rock. A mountain. All different types of love. These vibrations are radiating infinitely and eternally.

The absence and presence of love? Universal Love always exists. In infinite definitions and expressions that totally exceed our small understanding of it. We know its sensations, its vibrations when the Universal love intersects and resonates with our own love of self to create the divine holiest experience within – our own heavenly experience. The feeling of being alive. Fully alive. Breath taking. Heart stopping. Tear jerking. Fucking unreal. This is IT. I get it.

Then it disappears.


Then the adult begins to question. To doubt. To feel unworthy. Poor me. I work so hard to be miserable. Industries exist to heal my misery. As adults we dilute and degrade our birthright, our pure self love with lots of artificial definitions, emotions, filters such that we experience the adult definition of misery. Instead happiness and love. Lots of conditions. Intellectual exploration. Like this blog. I feel loved when XYZ happens. How can I love my life? I do not have a life. I have to work to make a living.  A family to support. And the list goes on and on..

This is just one huge social definition that keeps getting handed down from parents to kids. Its like a mortgage of the mind. It binds the mind to keep repeating the same old definitions. Mental slavery. So the levels of vibration are just at minimal level. Where is the love?

We all need to clear the hubris, dust, dirty windows, blocked drains, leftover beliefs from our previous tenant self who has been living inside the house of our being. Time for a new timeline. Change the calendar on the wall of the house. Open the windows, open the curtains and let in new life.

You can dream your Highest LOVE inside your house right now. Do not let this external world define what you can do inside your house. You can imagine great things from the comfort of your home. Looking outwards to the future. Beside the warmth of the Past. The images of loved ones. Photos of your former greatness. I look at a photo of me when I was just 3 years old. With a stone in my hand. Being held fast by my two older brothers. One bare skinned with just his shorts on. Holding me so that I would not run away from the photo.

What were your thoughts, little 3 year old boy?

Did you think that one day your future 49 year old self would be looking back on this snapshot? Nah, you were just being in the moment. Wild, untamed, jumping and bouncing with a pure innocent LOVE of Life. Needed to be held down.

We were all like that 3 year old child? We all forgot that child LOVE as we got older. More beliefs became layered on us. Shoes, shirts, shorts. We got dressed up. Soon the little 3 year boy became 5 year school kid became awkward teenager and then grew into the world of adult head.

The good news. We can remember the child LOVE with the body of knowledge and wisdom that my 49 years of life has given me. We can remember those special childhood moments. For a briefest moment, time stands still, the external world stops as we remember that photo. We look at it. We smile at it. It is us. We relive the moment, that special time. We can RE-LOVE life!!! Using the knowledge we have been given. We can play the game better. We know the rules. We can break them. Changing the vibrations. Changing the timelines. Remove the negative vibrations. Re-label them as life experiences. Wisdom gained from living each day. You can can go backwards, forwards in the present moment. Adult heads find this hard to do. But the child mind does it easily. Ascending and descending all in the one breath. It is the LOVE of Life eh! LOVita, the Living Vibration, the Aroha, the Aloha, the Breath of Life.

It starts with the breath again….



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