Zen Man with Smart Phone

Energy, energy, energy. We live in a technological world. Surfaces matter. But energy flows beneath. The underground of life. So easy now for one’s words to be heard. Blown through electronic windows. Cast upon internet currents. Caught by both spammer and seeker. What is your story? Your journey? Your life.

Myths and legends, Hobbits and Dragons still capture us. Our imagination. Yet we still face the reality of life. The droll, dreary trudge of daily labour. Myths allow me to see your life through a different lens. A mirror of reflection.

Old Zen man says, “chopping wood, carry bucket water ”

Young Zen kid says, “shopping good, smart water”

We need new mythologies perhaps. Integrating old and new technologies. The urban shaman uses both smart phone and traditional drum. Or download a native drumming MP3 file. Maybe order Sage in a Bottle from Shamanmarkets.com to purify the space. Or IPray and IQuran apps for the Muslim devout to remember to pray and face Mecca daily using smartphone compass. Maybe the smart phone technology is modern equivalent of the printing press technology discovered by Gutenburg in 1440. It is changing the way we communicate…

Yet these are all external aids to assist the inner journey….

The Pursuit of Happiness is the modern equivalent of a shamanic journey perhaps. Obstacles appear. Blood and gore representing the pain in pursuing happiness. Dark unhappy forces come with different faces on my journey. Familiar names. My own darkness lurks within. What still cages me. What stops me, you from walking up to our greatest fear, our most terrifying demon and kissing it. Evolving it. Walking through it. When does the terror become the bliss? Beast becomes Beauty.

Happiness. Love. Ugly. Hate. Just words. We make them come alive.

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