Not Your Body, Not Your Brain, What Am I Falling Rain?

You are not your body. You are not your brain. You cannot take them with you. You leave them behind, your farewell gift. They belong to the Earth. On loan. The Earth will take back what is hers. Expired. That is a good thing.

We think we are confined to our body. We think the body stops at the tips of our fingers, the borders of our skin. Yet we have always gone beyond borders. Birthing. Crawling. Baby steps. Walking. Open the front-gate. Another gate. Soon more gates. As we grow up. More fences. Some invisible. Offence. Defence. Soon we stay inside the fence.

Many of us are stuck inside a physical world defined by the body. Reinforced by the mind.  Entertained by consumer emotion. After awhile not much variety, but lots of security. The house, car, marriage, children, job, the dog.. these become extensions of the physical body. Emotional body.  Some people love their car. Show us photos of their car. Polish and admire their car. Dent the car and they cry.  I mean the owner, not the car. The car still exists.

Your life falls apart yet you still exist. Each breath an existence. Breathe the umbilical cord that keeps us connected into the Great Womb of Life. Don’t believe me? Hold your breath for couple minutes. Then notice how your bills, your house, your car all fade away as you become desperate for air. I ask you, what is the strongest force? Love, Light, Whanau, Death? Gaaah..I don’t give a shit right now…I just want air.  Nooooo, I wanna die. You sure? Next breath becomes your car ride back into the body. When we die, we leave on that last out-breath. That outgoing ride. Never to return to this body. Closed. Job done.  Body Parts knock off. Lights out. Gone home.

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