This Planet of Plenty – Breathe..

People living in a man-made cage of scarcity. On a planet of plenty. Fenced inside a title of ownership. A plot of land. You must have own a house. A car. A career. Yet these are all temporary. Things that lose their meaning. Remember your new car. How long before it became an old car. Remember your new toy? Until it became an old toy.

Many people complain of lack. Man-made lack. Yet there is abundant air for your man-made lack.

Live in the NOW.


Tonight you die to this outworld. You sleep the bliss of sleep. Maybe a million people will not wake up tomorrow.

Be centred like a mountain. Amidst your turmoil. Allow the circulating breath of life. Clear and shine in a new view. NOW.

Every experience in this life is for your spiritual growth. Accept it. You created it. Designed it. Experience it. So ENJOY it. Or NOT. Your choice. Be free.

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