20 Years of Doing This?

Why am I doing this?

Well it started back in 2000 before the birth of my son Te Aio. It started back in 1994 before the birth of my daughter Te Koanga. With my daughter I wrote a chant which heralded her star origins and her arrival in a celestial canoe guided by ancestors down into this earth settlement. With my son, it was the remembering that our existence is bound to nature and its unnatural to be anything else.

Over twenty years I have been cultivating this?

Aio Koa.

Just a name. A description? Over 20 years, ┬áthis Aio Koa is my DIY shamanic healing martial art. It is essentially a spiritual self-discipline. Cultivating my body-mind-heart core to serve a higher cause. Using internal forms and subtle energy to build my consciousness, not conflict. Nature is the teacher. Using Maori and Hawaiki languages, Aio is a Maori word for peace. Our symbol of peace is the sleeping seed. Koa is a Maori word for joy. Our symbol of joy is the wild flower. Aio Koa The Sleeping Seed, Wild Flower. Within each person’s heart, a star-seed sleeps. Waiting to bloom. A radiant flower of spiritual light. Yet it is heavily concreted over by conditioned beliefs and material densities that prevent this flowering. Yet this is going to change.

We must re-activate our sleeping DNA (our light coils) to emit a whole new range of light energy that awakens our consciousness to higher fields. We must design our own unique movements, sounds, symbols, scents, songs and experiences that cleanse the dross and debris to allow our radiant core to shine.

The collective dream of Aio Koa is to nurture and develop ourselves, our children. For we are the future of humanity. We must assist all children to shine. This is the role of the extended family now. Parents, grandparents, family all working together. Countries working together. Species working together. Planets working together. Galaxies working together.

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