Seasons Repeat Themselves

If I seem to repeat messages then it is because they are important to me. I am really writing for myself. Yet if you find benefit in my words then feel free to be my guest. To sit down and share my campfire of thinking. The warmth is free for all. We are all fellow travellers in this journey of life.

I keep repeating messages so that I remember who I really am. I keep forgetting. Then I remember briefly. That I am an immortal soul embodied inside a human form wearing different identities, labels, maps and roles. Then I forget. I get caught up in this makeup world. Inside the many mirrors. I must have compassion for all my reflections I see. I am not here to preach anything to anyone except to the face I see in the mirror. To keep repeating a message from his deepest heart, her highest soul that he, she, it has always been loved since Creation first breathed life into it.

I forget..

I forget that I chose this life, my parents, my childhood, my children, my enemies, my friends, my life experiences. Without them, I would have no story to my existence. No contrast. No colour. Just my own pure vibration of spiritual light without a body to bruise, abuse, control, cut, love, kill, laugh experience. My Immortal Soul chose to come down into the “Little Self” who is writing this right now. By time Little Self loses his baby teeth around 6 years or so, his little mind is already caught inside the man-made web of this life. Little Self forgets my “Bigger Self” apart from little moments of huge love, compassion and freedom. I then remember.

I remember…

Some things are perennial. Like the Spring that keeps repeating itself. The melting snow dissolves. Purifying my soul. New shoots awaken. Joy is the opening of my hearts own springwaters gushing from the snow covered mountains within. Lift your eyes above the mountains to the blue yonder sky. Look at the sky and let it touch you. Let it call you.  Fall in love with that great blue orb of light. As if your spirit leaves your body and flies up upon the winds. Feel your blood is pumping with the heart of an eagle. The winds touching your breastbone as the muscles of flight surge within you. Your magnificent wings beating upwards into the currents of light..

You must not let your senses keep you captive. Nor let your logic cage you. Density is the inverse of levity. You must rise again and again. Even if it is momentary flight of freedom lasting only seconds before your eyes glaze over and Work commands your attention. Just smile and let your winged thoughts lift your face…

This is why we must keep repeating our true voice. Be like the Spring that keeps returning again and again.



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