WOA Path – Kindness of Kids

I recently walked through whole of New Zealand for our waters. The kindness of the kids on my way through always left a heartfelt impression…

Here is one from young Ryan Smelders from Waihola. I stopped at Waihola about 40km south of Dunedin. It was late evening. Ryan and his friend were kicking ball at the local Waihola school. I filled my water bottles using the school drinking fountains. I put on the gas stove, made a hot cuppa and pulled out chocolate thin biscuits. I told the boys to come over and have a brew and biscuit. We talked and laughed over a good cuppa. They left and I got ready to hammock up near the school tree belt for the night.

Ryan later ran back to see me. He was puffing and had no shoes on.
“Did you leave your shoes behind?
“Nah, I want to give you this. Can I make you breakfast in the morning if you want?
I said ” Nah its alright. I be gone early in the morning. Thanks for the kind thought. ”.

He hands me a handwritten note.

Dear bro,
I never learnt your name, but mine is Ryan Smelders. I loved hearing your stories and it inspires me to become the person I want to be. Excuse my handwriting. I don’t have a whole lot to give you but you couldn’t have given me more. I wish you best luck for your life.

Signed, Ryan Smelders


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