I finished my Walk of Aotearoa in final week of January 2023 at Far North Cape Te Reinga. Also known as Te Rerenga Wairua. A highly sacred place where the spirits of our beloved deceased depart Aotearoa.

This was my biggest test arriving at this place of spiritual departure. The actual walk was secondary in my opinion. I had carried a special blue spherical stone representing a rejuvenated Mother Earth Papatuanuku from Awanui Bluff in South all the way to the North. Bathed it in the special rivers and lakes of Aotearoa as I passed through. I had to take it down to the lone Pohatukawa Tree and place it in the underwater cave where the spirits depart. Would I stay in this World of Living or continue onto The Spirit World? The moon was in Tangaroa a Roto half moon phase so I waited till low tide in order to cross the deep rock canals around the headland to reach the lone Pohutukawa tree called Moetatau at furthest headpoint. I did karakia prayer at the tree, ka tangohia oku kakahu and went to the opening of the underwater cave at the rock edge visible through the surging ocean and sea kelp. I said another prayer and dropped the blue spherical stone into the cave. Suddenly a large wave rose out of the ocean and swept me off the rocks down into the water. Everything happened so fast that I thought it was my time to go. But then another wave threw me back on to the rocks on to my hands and knees.. I held onto the rocks for dear life.. the blood from my grazed shins mixing with the sea water in little pools on the rocks… I recovered my breath, calmed my beating heart and gave thanks that I was still here. I got dressed quickly and returned to the mainland as the weather suddenly changed and the rain and wind came down

Near the top of the main hill, I lit a small fire and I burnt my old hat from my previous walk in 2017. Other stuff that needed to go. New beginnings. New story 2023. Slowly made my way back to Auckland. Picked up my small campervan. Now just resting. Reflecting.

Although I have now walked Aotearoa twice (Nth to Sth 2017, Sth to Nth 2022 ).. My WOA Path still continues.. To be a good soul who walks the earth.. we all can do this.. blessings to all of you.. Thank you..

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