Peace After The Bomb

I say this again, most people not ready to be unplugged from the current system. Yet they are not ready to be plugged into their own power system. But Climate Change is coming. Weather Bombs falling. So we must lead ourselves on the Exodus. This is Aio Koa. Disciple of Self.

You must awaken your sleeping seed. The wildflower is the illumination of your being. So you must cultivate yourself with steady hand and loving heart. Your mind must be open to the great wonders of creation. Yet you can still be a prick. Yes a little prick and the beautiful rose are all one existence. The human being is like an organic atom inside an atomic bomb. Just like there are so many atoms packed into the atomic bomb, there is so much energy packed into the individual human being.

First, you need to be stable, grounded and ready. Or you could blow yourself up. Next you need to be able to activate your own internal system of power. Turn yourself up safely. Next you must trust your own intuition and your own intelligence in order to guide you on this discovery of your own transformation. 

There have been experiences where you have felt incredible strength, clarity, and insight inside this Life. You might have had 10 times your normal strength. You might have walked 10 times your normal distance. Without water or food or even sleep. These are examples when you have been accessing your deep reservoirs of energy. What we are doing it now is activating it consciously. Become a bomb exploding with the fullness of life. Is not a field of blossoming flowers an explosion of the senses?

Whatever your drama is right now, it is just one reality of your life. It is not the ultimate crescendo of your life. Be a field of exploding flowers in bloom. Not just one flower. Be a chain creation of miracles. Boom. Boom.

Either you’ve blossomed into this ultimate possibility, or you are an unsprouted seed or unblossomed flower. You are still a nut inside a shell?  Or an egg inside a duck? Too afraid to break out into life itself. Nah.  Be courageous, break out of your shell and live freely. Wack yourself where you really feel it. Be fearless and crack yourself up. Such courage!! Ahhhh…Peace after the Bomb explodes..

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