Cultivate The Great Tree Within

In order for peace and justice to emerge on the surface of humanity, we need to cultivate beneath surfaces. Go deep into the heartland of thy being. Beneath the depths of our soul. The roots of Creation. To discover the Great IAM within. Cultivate the Great Tree of Light within.

We all need to do the inner work, purify our own internal dogma, grievances, heal ghosts and wounded ancestries. Begins with my self. Governance begins inside me. Self Belief. Self Creation. Self Defence. Self Discipline. Disciple of Self. Who am I? The Quest of Self begins. Then I can be fully present to take my rightful place for I know who I am. My new name I declare. Old settler name or new sovereign name? Nah I must take full responsibility for the words of my own mouth, the acts from my own hand? I restore the honour I have broken, i heal the harm I have done. Honour and harmony. I expect others to pick up their own shit, keep their word, honour themselves. This process of reclamation of sovereignty. Its not about external systems, titles and new emperors having sovereignty again as per old forms. Nah the new sovereignty will not be a simple duplication of the old structure.

The monarch butterfly must leave its old earth bound caterpillar body….

A new language of life emerges. The AURA is The Crown. IAM AHAU. IAM AU. AU is Chemical Symbol for Gold.

AURA = Your Golden Light…..Many Colours within.  Hmmm. Look in the mirror. Really look in the mirror? That’s just an appearance. Close your eyes. Now start to see. Expand your perceptions. Extend yourself beyond the borders of your body. Beyond the beliefs of your brain. Just a nut. It has to crack sometime.

A New Tree of Light emerges. Illuminated States of Mind.

New Lands of Life emerge from fossil concrete…


Pokemon Go – Humanity Meets Augmented Reality?

Welcome to the First Plug-In of Augmented Reality (AR) Matrix.

Pokemon Go – the Augmented Reality Game where Pokemon Characters are inserted into real Google Maps and Google Places. Only just released in USA, Australia and New Zealand yet the game is creating a craze and daze that points towards a whole new phenomenon. Augmented Reality meets Human Psychology.

Pokemon Go Players are literally looking and living in two Worlds.

pokemon-go-is-a-phenomenon-thats-pushing-people-together-14681555964One is the REAL WORLD seen through the eyes and experienced through physical body. Real people. Real objects. Cars, buildings, buses. All subject to the laws of physics. Gravity. Speed. Pain.

One is the AUGMENTED WORLD seen through the screen of a smartphone where Pokemon characters exist. Superimposed over Real World Locations. Pokestops and PokeGyms are virtual places where Pokemon characters hang out. Pokemon Hunters are on their trail. The phone beeps when they are near a Pokemon.

Pokemon Hunters are now everywhere in US, Australia and New Zealand. Causing crashes. Accidents. Unseen social phenomena. Creating $7.5 Billion in two days for Nintendo and Nitanic, the augmented reality game maker owned by Google.

There are upsides and downsides. Pokemon Players are having their personal data, geodata mined, stored and marketed to third parties. A whole new augmented reality economy is now available. Uber can offer transport to Pokemon Hunters. Air BnB can offer accommodation. Mobile Data for Smart Phones. Power supplies. MacDonalds, Pizza and Fastfood Chains can offer takeaways using drones for dropoff at Pokemon Gyms and Stops. Possible new tourism opportunities. Pokemon visits Hobbits. Other more R-Rated services. Drugs. Profiteering opportunities. Pokemon stores.

Many people will become addicted to it. Just like any game. Except this one is superimposed onto real life. I am not a Pokemon Player.  But the Pokemon Players will be family, friends, workmates, people on the street. The car driver. We will all need to be aware of this phenomenon. It will affect all of us. Directly and indirectly.

Expect to see other AR Games appear. Tour of Duty. Game of Thrones. Then the launch of wearable lenses, virtual reality glasses and wi-fi connected vests/packs for the Pokemon player. People will dress up as their game character or avatar and plug themselves into the game. Just like in the Movie The Matrix. Become part of a Computer Simulated Game.

I hope that there are positive AR games where people are rewarded for positive behaviours. Picking up rubbish. Planting trees. Volunteering. Acts of Kindness. Saving the Vulnerable. Creating Paradise on Earth.

If Augmented Reality Games is a tool for changing human behaviour then we need to embed positive behaviours, codes and rewards in the programming that help to engineer greater human consciousness across the whole planet.

Just like in the Movie The Matrix, we will need to know how to operate in both the real world and the augmented reality-virtual world once this technology becomes more common-place between now 2016 – 2020.

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what can you smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain” Morpheus from Move The Matrix.

whatisrealIt is time to enhance your Oracle Powers. Bend matter, space and time. Spiritual Martial Arts for movement and protection between realities. The difference between real and augmented will be minimal particularly when children are born into augmented reality. They will have no prior experience of life before augmented reality. The brain will not know the difference but the soul will. That is when people will need to know how to unplug. Switch off the Game. Go home.


You Are Not Your Personality?

What is personality, ego, identity or whatever name we give it? On my walk this morning I was talking to myself. My personality is like another “person” that is the co-creation of my every interaction between my inner self and this outside world since I was born. My personality exists in me. It cannot exist separately for I made you. Yet it is the translator, the gatekeeper and manager of my relationship with the outside world.

Do you know me? Or my personality? Who is talking here..

Right now my personality is translating my mental thoughts into physical symbols called English. It is managing my muscle movements to type on a laptop. It is monitoring my emotions and reactions at what I am writing? What will you think of it? Maybe you like it. Nah you think it is full of shit. Does shit think?

It does not matter. Literally it is non-matter. But the decisions of our personality does affect the matter within our body. We feel sensations, vibrations, emotions that our personality decides which are important or not. It uses its own rules to decide. Rules built upon zillions of definitions and impressions gained mainly from outside world interactions since I was born. The decision that I write this in English comes loaded with a whole dictionary of definitions, beliefs, assumptions, histories, emotions that my personality uses to create its rules around what is “English”.

When I was a kid my personality was a pure expression of my inner self. No rules just freedom of expression. I shit my pants. Ran naked. Touched myself. Cried. Broke precious things. Then as I started to grow physically, the outworld started breaking me in. I learnt its rules. No. Stop. Shhh. Ouch. Rules. Behaviours. Laws. Regulations. More rules. Opinions. Judgments. Jobs. Roles. Money. And on and on.

These shaped my Personality. The person you experience.

These create my Personal Reality. The life I experience.

Today, most of my  Personal Reality has been shaped by the outer world. Yet my inner self still whispers to me. My inner truth still guides me. As best as it can. In moments of silence or crisis our inner truth can be experienced. We have a feeling of connection with our own core essence. The soul. The heart.  The innocence. Then the rules of the personality return and the outworld takes precedence over our behaviours once again.

My personality I exhibit, this personal reality I experience is a complex creation of interwoven beliefs, behaviours, definitions, illusions built up over the years ever since I was born.

A bit like this spider web. It was catching the light this morning. My personality is like this spider web. It catches both physical and spiritual matter entering my consciousness yet it is just one web among many. The leaf, the tree, the grass are all webs of life as well. In many ways, adults become stuck inside our own webs of beliefs, values and other threads that hold our personality, our personal reality together. We forget we are the streaming sunlight the sol energy entering into the earth sphere through the human web.

So what?

Your personal reality is just a projection you are living your life through. Change it. Change the channel. Change your core vibrations & your root definitions. Return to the courageous state of my two year old inner self yet merge it  with the learned wisdom from my 50 years or more of this outworld life. From the memories of other human lifetimes I have lived. This allows a new reality to emerge. Inside-out revelation.

Start unpicking your personality? Where are the biggest blocks in your life? What part of your personality is not your truth? What part of your life sucks? What part flows? What behaviours, work patterns, daily routines & rules of society do not resonate with you? Who is that autonomous person that you think is you.

Clean the limiting threads of your personality? Unstitch it until the dark parts fall off. What you will find is that the inner you is already complete in itself. Already radiant and glorious unto itself. You have forgotten to connect to your inner self. Start vibrating this radiant idea, this fresh thought, this new revelation into your physical being. You can now experience a new personal reality that is your perfect creation, the perfect balance between your inner self and the outer world.

Start your new name…new characters…new reality…what stops you eh?


Mind Escape – Being in a Foreign Country

I escaped to Bali for a month during May-June 2015 this year. So many advantages when you leave your conventional surroundings and environment of New Zealand. We all need to stretch ourselves. Expand our minds. Being in a different country is like stepping into a new mind space. A new country is like a new mental experience. The language, the customs, the social structures, the climate can be all different yet familiar. Here are different photos. Each one perhaps reflecting a different aspect. A new experience. A new belief being engaged.

1. Here I am with flower in hair near the sacred healing springs at the Royal Resort near Ubud, Bali. The place was exquisite. Gentle. Just like the Balinese. The feminine aspect of my masculine being.



Here I am with a more reflective face looking out over the valley from one of the higher balconies at the Royal Resort.

20150619_153319Here is a face shot of me crossing over on long boat to Gilli Meno from Bali. Enjoying the simple mode of transport as we crossed between islands. Harsher sea environment just like the faces of these seafaring people.



Here I am walking over a coconut tree that had fallen over and I had used as an improvised bridge to cross a stream.The Balinese still work and harvest the rice paddies doing hard physical labour. No machines and tractors. Just sickles, hand held tools and rice sacks. Then they carry these heavy loads over narrow logs across streams, up muddy tracks without slipping or falling. Amazing balance.


Here is a photo of the extremely hard working Balinese people. The incredible loads they carried on their heads and backs. There was a certain irony. Western tourists all looking fat and rich doing yoga and subathing at a hotel resort while 100metres away the Balinese are carrying heavy loads from boats to shore. I would love to do a swap places for one week. The westerners exchange work places with the Balinese. The tourists will tone up their bodies, save money and lose weight a lot quicker while the Balinese can use the tourist money to perhaps fund their children or buy much needed supplies.



Money is relative. It is just a piece of paper. It has no intrinsic value, you cannot eat or grow it in the ground. Humans use it to coordinate ourselves as a species. It is just a collective agreement that we are conditioned into as kids and binds us as adults. Animals don’t need it. Here is ONE MILLION rupiah in cash. Just a number.



Here is a Balinese shaman “Ma-de” scanning the aura and karma of people who attended his healings. We all can tune and relearn our abilities to scan, intuit and get information from our higher sensory perceptions. What is stopping us?



Again travelling to a foreign country is like stepping into a new mind space. A new face is seen.


Exodus Beyond Belief

Why keep living life according to old definitions? We all must undergo our own mental exodus back to the heartland where our truth still runs freely. Easier to write a poem.

Exodus Beyond Belief.

Here I am at the start again.
Exodus part 2 scene 1 action
Leaving behind the past
My world of used beliefs
Outdated values. Digital barcodes.
I am following the call.
My bird that sings.
Old friends I leave.
New ones I greet
Will I die? Or will I live?
Surely I am dying
If I stay in a world
where life is a commodity
A product, a currency
nah I must go inside
through the spirit cave
that leads out to the
great blue yonder.
I see with new eyes

A mountain in my name
A star beckoning.
There I call to me.

This year 2015 I  have started living less conventional again. To be more freedom finder, to be more monkish, to become less static and more dynamic according to my own definitions eh.

These words above are not new. Towards end of 2006, I just wanted to unplug from normal society and start living life according to my own truths. I had to prove myself worthy of these visions and thoughts I was still getting. So I gave up living in a house and just lived from my car. This was like my own Aio Koa initiation. For 12 months in 2007, I slept in the bush, at the beach or inside my car if the weather was bad. When back in the city I would use the best hotel or equivalent that I could afford. Other times I stayed with family or friends. Using a laptop and a mobile internet connection to do business with the outside world.

I wanted to be able to handle the deep bush as well as the concrete jungle. Be able to walk in both worlds. This was about me going back inside myself to make outer changes. It cleared my mind and opened up my eyes to things right in front of me. In nature I found my clarity. A tree can teach you a lot when you spend a couple of days being in its presence. A butterfly resting on it’s branch then flying off into the open sky. Standing in the pitch darkness, you sense the tree breathing as it sleeps. You also see shades of darkness mixed with white mists of light. Your own skin has eyes of its own. These things must be experienced. In society I found my challenges. Everybody rushing. Parking tickets. Concrete instead of grass. Lots of rubbish. If we walked barefoot more often, our feet would soon tell us what its like to step on broken glass. Yet it does not have to be this way.

It is all a state of mind. The wilderness is actually inside you. Yet the minds have been concreted over just like the grass. I think this is my next path is to remind people of the wilderness within. Even when in the heart of the concrete jungle, do not let your heart turn to concrete. We must be able to walk in both worlds. Both deep forest and urban jungle with elegance and attunement. To be an ambassador for nature. To be a voice for the small flowers and the tiny creatures. Just like little kids they have feelings as well. They are part of the family. They need to be heard and respected.

We do not need much. Yet we tend to want lots.

In New Zealand average houses in Auckland are now costing half million dollars and more. Yet during my year long retreaI I often created my own shelters and improvised caves. Here is one where I carved out the side of a steep bank covered in native and pine forest near Tararua Ranges close to Wellington. You can see my sleeping bag, pack and a book. I have candle going as it was getting dark. Look on the left you see my little spade sticking upright. This what I used to dig the cave. It took about 6-8 hours to get it to basic proportions then I kept refining and reshaping it after the first night. No different to sleeping in a new bed. Keep adjusting. It reminded me of dens where animals would curve out a hollow place to lie and feed their young.

Find Your Own Holy Name

We are living in humbling times. So much is happening. On many levels. Great flooding in one part of the globe. Heat waves and fires in another. Earthquakes. Earth changes.  Destroying man, machine and mind in its path. Terrifying yet sublime. Divinity inside the chaos. This is the cleansing, the purgatory needed before illumination. Clearing the dross, asphalt and concrete apartments from the civilised mind.

To remind us that change is inevitable. Each one of us must undergo our own cleansing. One must sweep aside all the hubris, the dross to read the hidden seals left by you to remind you. You must purge the beliefs that prevent your inner doors opening. To let the light in and out. Like breathing..

The light is not what I think it is. It is infinite in its names. If you don’t connect with Ra, Heaven, God, Violet Flame, Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya then don’t despair. Be gentle. Don’t force these names. You have your own Divine Book of Holy Names inside you. Hidden beneath many layers of religious beliefs, conquering deities and veyr big lnog sutpid words wth lotz of rong spellng. Divine comedy.

Let these holy names elegantly find you.


Zen Man with Smart Phone

Energy, energy, energy. We live in a technological world. Surfaces matter. But energy flows beneath. The underground of life. So easy now for one’s words to be heard. Blown through electronic windows. Cast upon internet currents. Caught by both spammer and seeker. What is your story? Your journey? Your life.

Myths and legends, Hobbits and Dragons still capture us. Our imagination. Yet we still face the reality of life. The droll, dreary trudge of daily labour. Myths allow me to see your life through a different lens. A mirror of reflection.

Old Zen man says, “chopping wood, carry bucket water ”

Young Zen kid says, “shopping good, smart water”

We need new mythologies perhaps. Integrating old and new technologies. The urban shaman uses both smart phone and traditional drum. Or download a native drumming MP3 file. Maybe order Sage in a Bottle from to purify the space. Or IPray and IQuran apps for the Muslim devout to remember to pray and face Mecca daily using smartphone compass. Maybe the smart phone technology is modern equivalent of the printing press technology discovered by Gutenburg in 1440. It is changing the way we communicate…

Yet these are all external aids to assist the inner journey….

The Pursuit of Happiness is the modern equivalent of a shamanic journey perhaps. Obstacles appear. Blood and gore representing the pain in pursuing happiness. Dark unhappy forces come with different faces on my journey. Familiar names. My own darkness lurks within. What still cages me. What stops me, you from walking up to our greatest fear, our most terrifying demon and kissing it. Evolving it. Walking through it. When does the terror become the bliss? Beast becomes Beauty.

Happiness. Love. Ugly. Hate. Just words. We make them come alive.

The Maori and The Madonna

We call a spiritual message or vision a Tohu in Maori. I am not religious, Catholic nor follow any Monastic Creed or Da Vincian Code. But the Madonna or Mother Mary seemed to be coming into my life over the past few years. Well, I am not sure whether I have the right Mary. Is Mary the Mother or the Wife of Jesus? I dunno yet the Mother feels right to me. I do not claim to know what these mean nor make any extraordinary claims. They just happened to me here in New Zealand. A Maori Man and The Madonna

Tohu One – First Sign
In 2007, I was doing my own 24 hour vigil, no food, no water, no sleep inside a secluded forest space. About 10 paces long by 10 paces wide. I did not leave this space and stayed there for the whole 24 hour vigil. Just watching myself. Tracking my thoughts, feelings and movements over this time. Inside this space. I would place a stone into a hole for each hour passing. A lesson learnt. 24 stones in total. At around 2am in the darkness, I noticed a white light in the trees. It perplexed me. It looked like a hooded figure holding a child. I thought I was just imaging things. It stayed there so I looked away. Avoiding it. Rationalised that it was just starlight through the tree canopy. But I remembered crying and this feeling of compassion. Maybe I was feeling sorry for myself. Who knows. So I waited until 6.05am in morning and wrote down the following..

Here is a transcription of the note above:
“6.05am 21 Jan 07. It is now dawn and much lighter. Just remembering that white light. The outline looked like Mother Mary with robe over head looking down. Well it was the sky through the canopy. Yet why it appeared bright white when all the other spaces appeared black? I don’t know. Maybe Mother Mary is my guide. The lesson I got from the light was compassion. I know the eyes can play tricks when tired and in the dark. But I kept blinking my eyes and closing them to make it go away. It was starting to annoy me cause it was right in my face. I dunno but to give thanks. I am looking at the same space right now in the light of day. It just looks like a tree canopy with leaves and twigs. Maybe this was the vision. Lesson. Believe in Visions and Miracles of Life. Believe. 22 Stone: Belief – Believe it and It is.”

Tohu Two – Second Sign
Over a year later in September 2008, again out in the forest. I had dug a cave in the side of a bank to sleep in. It was getting dark and I had lit a candle inside to continue digging. I had just finished when I decided to pull a rock out of the back cave wall. The shadow cast on the wall from the candle onto the rock indention looked like the Mother Mary holding a baby. So I decided to wait until morning and have another look. It looked different in the daylight coming through the cave entrance. But I knew that there was an outline, an imprint on the wall. So I shaped the soft rock with my spade and made a small altar. I left the candle and some flowers. This black and white photo was taken when I left the cave. Ironically a little baby niece called Te Puea was born the same time I made this little altar. So I dedicated this little altar to her birth. She is now 8 years old (as at 2015).

Tohu Three – Third Sign.
In March 2012, I was visiting an eco-village Te Tihi near Turangi, Taupo here in New Zealand when I was talking to Maori man whose name was Kereopa. He seemed a spiritual man with moko tattooed on his face. For some reason, our conversation turned to the Madonna and I shared the above experiences.
He looks at me and says,
I have something to give you.
You must be the one I have give this taonga (talisman) to?
So he goes away and comes back with a green rosary bead with Mother Mary and a Crucifix. He had been given it by a priest or nun from some monastery in Europe I think. I could have this wrong. He was told that he would meet someone whose story would resonate and he was to give this rosary. He says a prayer and gives this to me.

I only tell you this because it must have some significance for me. This is part of my mythology. Part of my life story. My own book of mystical experiences. Yet Madonna does not really fit into my Maori spirituality as I know it. Papatuanuku, Hinenuitepo, Hinenuiteao, Hinemoana, Kokawhenua and the other many female Maori goddesses. Maybe it comes from my Gaelic lineage. I dunno. Maybe I need to let go my cultural preferences.  Maybe this goes a lot deeper than my surface story here. A good friend said it was part of the Mother Earth, Gaia, Sophia energy coming through me. Papatuanuku as she is known here in Aotearoa. Hmmm it is what it is. Or whatever meaning we take from it.

You must track the spiritual signs or tohu that happen in your life. It is part of your own mythology. Your life story. Who knows what wonders may reveal themselves? The great mystery behind our world of man-made appearances.



Sometimes I like to think like a physicist sitting beside a fire. Under a starlit night. Listening to a wizened old Maori tohunga reciting the genealogy of the stars. Eyes shut. Intoning the sounds of creation. Crackling fire. Sparks rising. The physicist is writing in his notebook. Logic meets Logos. Mathematical notations. Units of Lightness. Darkness. Gravity. Levity.  Inner world of thought, feelings, beating heart. Outer world of stars, fire, chanting, night sky… Writing is the first crystalisation of thought into form. The first word, symbol, sound image inked onto the papyrus of reality.

On his first page, he writes something like this..


I believe the increasing numbering of the senses reaches a point of synthesis where we “kapow” create a new reality born of infinite streams of SHFTS happening multidimensionally in the eternal NOW…NOW…NOW…and NOW.. Yes, the subtle inner senses of hunger, thirst and so forth. Then for me it jumps into the realm of quantum physics where the energies associated with each sense. The use of E=MC2 where C = light squared = Consciousness magnified. M = prism of matter that manifests the incoming consciousness stream into E sensations of beingness. If we clean our prism filters and expand our subtle shfts then we can perceive the greater realms of extrasensory perception so much more. I like to draw pictures, use physics and mathematics to express my thoughts. Aio Koa Physics meets Metaphysics meets Megazicks the Impossibull.

Seasons Repeat Themselves

If I seem to repeat messages then it is because they are important to me. I am really writing for myself. Yet if you find benefit in my words then feel free to be my guest. To sit down and share my campfire of thinking. The warmth is free for all. We are all fellow travellers in this journey of life.

I keep repeating messages so that I remember who I really am. I keep forgetting. Then I remember briefly. That I am an immortal soul embodied inside a human form wearing different identities, labels, maps and roles. Then I forget. I get caught up in this makeup world. Inside the many mirrors. I must have compassion for all my reflections I see. I am not here to preach anything to anyone except to the face I see in the mirror. To keep repeating a message from his deepest heart, her highest soul that he, she, it has always been loved since Creation first breathed life into it.

I forget..

I forget that I chose this life, my parents, my childhood, my children, my enemies, my friends, my life experiences. Without them, I would have no story to my existence. No contrast. No colour. Just my own pure vibration of spiritual light without a body to bruise, abuse, control, cut, love, kill, laugh experience. My Immortal Soul chose to come down into the “Little Self” who is writing this right now. By time Little Self loses his baby teeth around 6 years or so, his little mind is already caught inside the man-made web of this life. Little Self forgets my “Bigger Self” apart from little moments of huge love, compassion and freedom. I then remember.

I remember…

Some things are perennial. Like the Spring that keeps repeating itself. The melting snow dissolves. Purifying my soul. New shoots awaken. Joy is the opening of my hearts own springwaters gushing from the snow covered mountains within. Lift your eyes above the mountains to the blue yonder sky. Look at the sky and let it touch you. Let it call you.  Fall in love with that great blue orb of light. As if your spirit leaves your body and flies up upon the winds. Feel your blood is pumping with the heart of an eagle. The winds touching your breastbone as the muscles of flight surge within you. Your magnificent wings beating upwards into the currents of light..

You must not let your senses keep you captive. Nor let your logic cage you. Density is the inverse of levity. You must rise again and again. Even if it is momentary flight of freedom lasting only seconds before your eyes glaze over and Work commands your attention. Just smile and let your winged thoughts lift your face…

This is why we must keep repeating our true voice. Be like the Spring that keeps returning again and again.