Sometimes I like to think like a physicist sitting beside a fire. Under a starlit night. Listening to a wizened old Maori tohunga reciting the genealogy of the stars. Eyes shut. Intoning the sounds of creation. Crackling fire. Sparks rising. The physicist is writing in his notebook. Logic meets Logos. Mathematical notations. Units of Lightness. Darkness. Gravity. Levity.  Inner world of thought, feelings, beating heart. Outer world of stars, fire, chanting, night sky… Writing is the first crystalisation of thought into form. The first word, symbol, sound image inked onto the papyrus of reality.

On his first page, he writes something like this..

5 thoughts on “Shape SHFTS

  1. Interesting. As a psychologist who deals in sensation and perception, I wanted to add that we have many additional senses (some theorists say up to 22!). One of them is our ability to sense temperature (both inner and outer), and our vestibular sense. The others don’t get as much attention because they only tell us about what is going on within our bodies. These include the sense of proprioception (which lets you know where different parts of your body are even if you are not looking at them. A good book on the importance of proprioception and what it is like to lose this sense is _Pride and a Daily Marathon_ by Ian Waterman), our sense of hunger and thirst, heart rate and so on. Tuning in to what these other internal senses are telling us can be very powerful for meditation.

    • Yes Fiscassia, oh I believe the increasing numbering of the senses reaches a point of synthesis where we “kapow” create a new reality born of infinite streams of SHFTS happening multidimensionally in the eternal NOW…NOW…NOW…and NOW.. Yes, the subtle inner senses of hunger, thirst and so forth. Then for me it jumps into the realm of quantum physics where the energies associated with each sense. The use of E=MC2 where C = light squared = Consciousness magnified. M = matter can manifest as blockages of an energetic manner which corrupts and disrupts the incoming consciousness stream and causes E to diminish. If we clean our filters and focus on the subtle shfts then we can perceive the greater realms of extrasensory perception so much more. I like to draw pictures, use physics and mathematics to express my thoughts. Thank you for your feedback.

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