Let it be known across the entire Universe, that The GREAT IAM, including all derivatives of LITTLE ME-MYSELF-I, hereby proclaim very loudly to All Eyes, Ears and Mouths of THE HUMAN RACE to witness and behold these orders on behalf of GRANDMOTHER EARTH….

I. No more human drilling, fracking and devastation of GRANDMOTHER EARTH

II. No more debt slavery and artificial control of fellow humans and earth creatures by Human Predators and Corporation Parasites.

III. No more profiteering and exploitation of GRANDMOTHER EARTH by Human Predators, Financial Profiteers and Corporation Parasites.

IV. Heal what you Humans have harmed.

V. Clean up all your Human shit.

VI. Restore the harmony you Humans have broken, and

VII. From Now On, Humans live honorably and lightly upon OUR GRANDMOTHER EARTH

Given here on these Lands of First Pacific Nation of Aotearoa (New Zealand) under Guardian Seal of AIOKOA on this Matariki New Year 25th Day of June 2017.

AiokoaSealRedApproved by OUR GRANDMOTHER EARTH

Signed on Her Behalf: Capt, AIOKOA GUARD




This Planet of Plenty – Breathe..

People living in a man-made cage of scarcity. On a planet of plenty. Fenced inside a title of ownership. A plot of land. You must have own a house. A car. A career. Yet these are all temporary. Things that lose their meaning. Remember your new car. How long before it became an old car. Remember your new toy? Until it became an old toy.

Many people complain of lack. Man-made lack. Yet there is abundant air for your man-made lack.

Live in the NOW.


Tonight you die to this outworld. You sleep the bliss of sleep. Maybe a million people will not wake up tomorrow.

Be centred like a mountain. Amidst your turmoil. Allow the circulating breath of life. Clear and shine in a new view. NOW.

Every experience in this life is for your spiritual growth. Accept it. You created it. Designed it. Experience it. So ENJOY it. Or NOT. Your choice. Be free.

2017- Year of Our Children


Dear Parents of Young Children,
The impact of climate change, earthquakes and global events of 2016 lead me to share a training report on survival skills for children written in March 2011. It is more relevant now as we begin 2017.


Training for Mountains and Life
[Written March 2011]

This short report is about some of the life skills training and resources that I used to teach my 10 year old son Te Aio. He will not stay young for much longer and will soon grow up. Like all parents, I hope that he will grow into a fine, responsible adult and share what he has learnt with others.

I share this with you so that you may share it with your children.

This short report covers. 1. Training experiences. 2. Survival kit for school bag. 3. Breathing patterns.

I believe Te Aio should have experiences, memories and affirmations that he can use to give himself confidence, hope and courage and difficult situations in later life. To help build a strong mind inside his little body. Before he grows up too soon and becomes to set in the ways of modern technology and play-station generation. Going out into nature where the mountains, rivers, forests and opens spaces become the teachers. Be among the elemental elders.


I have taken him into the ancestral mountains of the East Coast as shown above. So he can absorb the power of being in the mountains. To learn basic camping, tracking and finding food and water. Observing the animals to find water. Practicing taiaha martial art movements on the mountain. Teaching him prayer. He might not continue with these things as he grows older. At least he has had an experience of the mountains while still a boy.

I train father to son in a range of skills. I trained him in mainly in Maori martial arts to develop his character, Maori culture and self-defence. He practices with me his father. we start slow. Go through the drills. Keep it simple. Then increase speed and intensity. He knows where to strike his father such that he can disable me quickly and efficiently whether I am striking unarmed or with edged weapon. Yet he’s still a 10 year old boy and so we must keep it fun and not too serious. Reminding him to be responsible. To help others when in need. His name is Te Aio which means peaceful so these practices are in the pursuit of peace. Also he must learn to heal what he has hurt. He participated in a self-defence demonstration to a visiting Italian group and earned $250 which pleased him very much.

Te Aio Survival Kit for his School Bag.


Te Aio says.

“This is my survival kit that goes in my school bag. My dad made it for me. He got a pencil case from $2 Shop and put stuff in it. A torch, some plaster, a pen and paper to write a note. Some black tape like if you cut yourself and you have no plasters, you can put clean cloth or kawakawa leaf over the cut and tape it. A tool with gadgets. Phone numbers of mum and dad. Our home address. A muesli bar…”


Dad says.

“Every parent should make a survival kit for their kids. Put it in the bottom of their school pack. It does not cost much. There are other things that could be added to Te Aio kit. A small aluminium survival sheet. A whistle. A laminated card with these instructions. CPR and other emergency drills. Still working on this. You need to check its contents regularly.. The muesli bar can get eaten. Emergency money can get spent on after-school snacks. Having a survival kit is all part of his character building and martial arts training. He has to learn real life skills. Not just stances and blocks.”

Breathing Patterns.


Te Aio says.

“My dad drew these patterns to help my nerves and calm my breathing  when I get wheezy. Also to help me concentrate. They come from the old Maori taiaha which uses a lot of spirals and circle movements. This is from the koru fern frond spiral. It is also same shape as the snail shell.


Dad says.

“Trace over the single spiral picture using a finger starting from the outer point while breathing in towards the centre. Hold at the centre for short time then breathe out by tracing the spiral outwards to where you started. It is the basis for the name taiaha –  the spiralling Breath of Life. Be like a snail. Slow down your breathing each time. Do 3 breaths. Inhale for 3 Count. Hold for 3 Count. Exhale for 3 Count. Hold for 3 Count. Repeat 3 times. Breathe in good energy. Breathe out bad feelings. You can draw a spiral in the air. In the clouds. In water. In sand. On the earth. Get a stick or just use your mind to create the spiral. Parents should practice as well. Make it fun. Make the kids curious. Create your own spirals. Add two spirals together. Watch a snail cross a path. Be patient. Slow down the mind and breath….”

Two Spirals…


Remember….Calm Breath1 + Calm Breath2 + Calm Breath3  = CALM MIND


Note To Self dated 29 December 2016.

I wrote this back in March 2011 when son was still 10 years old. He is now 16 years old and all this training has given him a quiet confidence in his school life and outdoor expeditions.

Year 2017 will bring more global uncertainty and climate shocks such as earthquakes happening more frequently here in New Zealand and overseas. Stress is affecting our kids more as they cope with increasing technology and social change. Technology is great until power-cuts happen and batteries go flat. Then we have to be self-sufficient and emotionally resilient. We can expect more turbulence in these forthcoming years to 2020. I believe 6 months -1 year planning cycles as the frequency of change is happening so much quicker. We need to be more adaptable and creative in our readiness for life.

Here is a curriculum course for parents to use and adapt..


A practical course for students aged 10 years and above teaching emergency thinking and survivor skills for suburban environments, wooded areas and rivers/beaches.


Objective 1. Assemble a mini survival kit.

Each student designs and assembles own mini-survival kit. Essentially a large pencil-case containing simple emergency items derived from $2Dollar shop. Items include plasters, bandage, small torch, handyman-tool, tape and emergency card. This kit stays at the bottom of the student’s school bag in case of emergency away from home.


Objective 2. Tying ropes and knots.

Students will be taught 3 types of knots.

         A knot to tie a shelter down.

         A knot to rescue a struggling person in need.

         A knot to lash pieces of wood together.

         Tying different ropes & improvised materials together in an emergency.


Objective 3. Erect an improvised shelter.

Students will be taught to construct an improvised shelter using knots and local materials found in car boots, garages and households. Bush shelter may be taught depending on proximity to native bush.


Objective 4. Cook a meal over small stove.

Students will cook a packet of noodles using a small hexamine stove. Students will be shown fire-safety and cooking improvisation using local materials.


Objective 5. Sleeping outside.

Student will sleep outside overnight by erecting their own shelters, sleeping spaces and cook own food. Students may be woken in middle of night and re-erect shelter as part of testing. Other little challenges will be added to test student resilience.


Objective 6. SURVIVE 24 HOURS.

Students will undertake a 24hour guided survival exercise. Scenarios include: alone in open ground, alone in a building or alone in the bush. Students will incorporate all previous survival objectives plus create a personal mindpower-pack for the exercise. This mindpower-pack contains memories, words and feelings that give the student inner strength, courage and hope in an emergency.

Final Thoughts

My hope is that every 5 year old child who starts school from 2017 onwards has a survival kit in their small bag. They be taught calm breathing and simple mind drills as part of their school curriculum. Start simple but lovingly. Add more as they grow. Along with literacy, numeracy and other academic subjects. Their  world will be different to this one right now.

I have started a registered NZ charity C00528 called MANA TREE FUND to fund this type of survival resources and training for children. It has very little money but full of Mana right now. Nem mind, the Mana Tree will grow. Bigger then any Hedge Fund. Lol.

If you feel called to help, share & collaborate then just email me.



Cultivate The Great Tree Within

In order for peace and justice to emerge on the surface of humanity, we need to cultivate beneath surfaces. Go deep into the heartland of thy being. Beneath the depths of our soul. The roots of Creation. To discover the Great IAM within. Cultivate the Great Tree of Light within.

We all need to do the inner work, purify our own internal dogma, grievances, heal ghosts and wounded ancestries. Begins with my self. Governance begins inside me. Self Belief. Self Creation. Self Defence. Self Discipline. Disciple of Self. Who am I? The Quest of Self begins. Then I can be fully present to take my rightful place for I know who I am. My new name I declare. Old settler name or new sovereign name? Nah I must take full responsibility for the words of my own mouth, the acts from my own hand? I restore the honour I have broken, i heal the harm I have done. Honour and harmony. I expect others to pick up their own shit, keep their word, honour themselves. This process of reclamation of sovereignty. Its not about external systems, titles and new emperors having sovereignty again as per old forms. Nah the new sovereignty will not be a simple duplication of the old structure.

The monarch butterfly must leave its old earth bound caterpillar body….

A new language of life emerges. The AURA is The Crown. IAM AHAU. IAM AU. AU is Chemical Symbol for Gold.

AURA = Your Golden Light…..Many Colours within.  Hmmm. Look in the mirror. Really look in the mirror? That’s just an appearance. Close your eyes. Now start to see. Expand your perceptions. Extend yourself beyond the borders of your body. Beyond the beliefs of your brain. Just a nut. It has to crack sometime.

A New Tree of Light emerges. Illuminated States of Mind.

New Lands of Life emerge from fossil concrete…


NZ Housing Crisis and Maori Feng Shui

New Zealand is undergoing incredible change for a small country of 4.65 million people. Immigration is annually 70,000 people. In nearly 25 years since 1991, our country has seen incredible demographic changes. Technology has advanced towards virtual realities. Smart phones are commonplace.

We also have a National debt of $493 Billion (half a trillion) consisting mainly household debt at  $232.9 Billion. One of the highest debt ratios per capita in the world according to NZ Herald Insights June 2016. 
A flash point in New Zealand is the Auckland Housing Market. The impact of this rising bubble has seen house prices increase in last 5 years by over 100% where the median house price in Auckland is now $1million dollars. Within 4 years, this bubble will have burst. Like a boiling kettle. There is a phase change as heated water becomes steam. Expect houses to have deflated in value by 50%. Probabilities of reaching boiling point increase daily. Wildcard events loom. What could burst the Auckland Housing Bubble? Hit boiling point. auckland_house_prices-crashThere are many possible wildcards both globally and regionally.

  • US elections in November 2016. Trump or Hillary?
  • USA/Nato declares war on Russia and Syria
  • South China Sea Conflict flares up between US Allies and China
  • Queen Elizabeth II dies. Brexit II.
  • US Fed Reserve raises interest rates.
  • Global Financial Crisis triggered as Deutsche Bank fined $14Billion.
  • New Zealand 2017 elections cause backlash against foreign homebuyers and Maori special treatment policies.

NZ Herald July 2016
NZ-born Chinese teen’s letter to Kiwis –
‘I no longer feel welcome’


Lost Chinese-Kiwi Generation
China is one of the oldest civilisations in the world giving us names such as Confucius, Tao Te Ching, Feng Shui and much more. I recently asked three Chinese students down Lower Queen Street  Auckland if they knew about I-Ching or Feng Shui. They smiled politely and shook their heads. Later at a bus-stop, I asked a young Chinese mother with a pram who replied,

“No, I Ching is old China from my parents. I born in New Zealand. I am a Kiwi.”

“Have you visited a Marae? No.

“Do you know what Wairua is? No.

“Do you know about Haka”? Yes All Blacks”.

I smiled. A New Zealand born Chinese women who calls herself a Kiwi yet neither knows her Chinese roots nor the Maori origins of her New Zealand identity. Fragile yet sincere in her beliefs. Her baby smiles at me.


Chinese Realtor Example

I walked into the Harford Real Estate Agency in downtown CBD Auckland. A Chinese Realtor standing at reception. He asked if I was interested in buying a house? I picked up a brochure and looked at some houses. He had cotton wool in his right ear – a sore ear perhaps. I picked out an older house with traditional facade and verandah. Probably built during World War 2. 1940s.

“What do you know about this house?


“A house has a story. It was a home to someone. Like you and me, it has memories. Who lived there, who died there? The families of the past?”

He looked confused. I don’t blame him. I carried on,

”A  house is energy. Made from the elemental elders. Wood. Earth. Mineral, Fire. Water. Wind. Each family leaves a memory. Children grew up in that old house.  Acknowledge it. Give thanks to the old house. Then it will welcome the new family. New Chi, or Mauri as we Maori call it.”

His face was blank…still looking uncomfortable.

I explained,

 “Good chi creates good energy. Add extra 10% to the selling price of the house. $100,000 dollars. Maybe $200,000 when auctioneer tell a good story and sell good chi to interested buyers..”

His face lit up. Suddenly he interested.

I said, “Your ear not so sore. You heard the money.”


Maori Marae Using Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Housing

Two years ago, I was Manager of Iwi Energy Projects, NZ Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority where I was responsible for integrating maori values, brokering iwi partnerships and facilitating Maori energy efficiency programmes across the country. One particular project involved Marae Energy Hubs incorporating marae infrastructure, renewable energy supply and energy efficient iwi houses. Here is a Marae in Eastern Bay of Plenty with a 5KW grid connected Solar PV system. Surrounding houses insulated and audited for energy efficiencies. Smart integration of renewable energy supply and energy efficiencies can save annual costs from 20%-40%.



Building The New Infrastructure of New Zealand

Here are my thoughts regarding current Auckland housing market.


“Capitalism and Speculation is destroying the egalitarian NZ Society I grew up in. Investors have bought nearly half of all sold houses in Auckland. Old houses getting demolished for new apartments. Streets full of empty houses while the homeless sleep in cars with their children. Investors treating houses like poker chips waiting for sell signals while homeless beggars grow more prevalent. When the Crash happens and it prices will crash 50% or more in value. New Zealand Private Household Debt is around $233 Billion according Reserve Bank of NZ. Our small economy will tank when the Crash happens. A Recession even Depression as reality bites. Welcome to New Zealand 2017.”


New Zealand is in a state of transition. Immigration, housing prices, disruptive technologies and global social changes are all converging. The impending Housing crash is but one symptom. This fundamental problem cannot be solved alone using financial engineering by The Reserve Bank of New Zealand nor legislative controls by NZ Parliament.

We need a shift in consciousness. It starts at the root. Energy. Matter. Mind. Man. It all starts with our beliefs. This is why I am creating innovative training such as Maori Feng Shui under Aio Koa Temple to build more sustainable, energy conscious teachings for future generations.


Syrian Boy, Suicide And Hari Koa – Fearless Smile

In memory of this little Syrian boy who drowned a year ago. I also raise the growing suicide rates among NZ school children and US military veterans as well.syrian-boy-drowned-mediterranean-tragedy-artists-respond-aylan-kurdi-1

Refugee, homelessness, suicide and military PTSD are all related in some way. People are struggling to connect with finding a home,both spiritual and physical.

A lot of school children in NZ are attempting suicide on a daily basis. My cousin Nori Parata at Uawa Area High School Tolaga Bay deals with 3-4 suicides a week. A decade ago this was unheard of. Its shows that emotional resilience & aroha is needed to heal the young wounded hearts. Something is fundamentally wrong with society when our young see no point in living and have lost their connection to life. The only way out is to exit life. It is a form of homelessness. Just like people without a physical house. The soul exits the house of the body and leaves the planet. Suicide. She is not happy with her whare (house), whanau (family) or whenua (land). So she leaves all three behind. Physical homelessness and spiritual homelessness are both connected. Same with the large numbers of military veterans in US who commit suicide daily. Around 22 a day. Again they feel disconnected from life and society so they exit the body.

It starts with caring. Real caring that burns you and hurts you to tears. Bit like looking at this small Syrian boy who drowned on Greek shore 1 year ago today. Refugee at a young age. Little shoes on. Peaceful in death. Today is Father’s day in NZ yet this boy’s father is asking why my little boy? After one year, the Syrian war continues to get worse. More kids dying. This is our SOS signal to us adults. We start making a change. All Fathers, use Father Day to answer SOS call. Start with a Smile. It says a 100 words in any language. A Smile. A whole body smile. Eyes, face, mouth, aura smiling.Then the Kids will remember to Smile. Life will have hope. Practice Hari Koa, the martial art of fearless smiling. A fearless smile that cracks your face from cheek to cheek. If you are gummy, no teeth, or big scar, that is better. It shows fearlessness and happiness at being fully you in this present moment. Look in the mirror. Give a full facial smile. Combined with a double fisted haka move “Yes”. Practice crying and then smiling as you wipe the snot and tears away. Then the kids will see the real power that a smile has. There is life after a good cry. A smile is like a sun returning when the dark storm has ripped you apart. Be fearless and smile for life. Smile in memory of the innocent dead children. Different type of smile to the full gushing one yet just as powerful for it is bitter sweet. Be fearless with your smile. Thank it. It will appear more.

Pokemon Go – Humanity Meets Augmented Reality?

Welcome to the First Plug-In of Augmented Reality (AR) Matrix.

Pokemon Go – the Augmented Reality Game where Pokemon Characters are inserted into real Google Maps and Google Places. Only just released in USA, Australia and New Zealand yet the game is creating a craze and daze that points towards a whole new phenomenon. Augmented Reality meets Human Psychology.

Pokemon Go Players are literally looking and living in two Worlds.

pokemon-go-is-a-phenomenon-thats-pushing-people-together-14681555964One is the REAL WORLD seen through the eyes and experienced through physical body. Real people. Real objects. Cars, buildings, buses. All subject to the laws of physics. Gravity. Speed. Pain.

One is the AUGMENTED WORLD seen through the screen of a smartphone where Pokemon characters exist. Superimposed over Real World Locations. Pokestops and PokeGyms are virtual places where Pokemon characters hang out. Pokemon Hunters are on their trail. The phone beeps when they are near a Pokemon.

Pokemon Hunters are now everywhere in US, Australia and New Zealand. Causing crashes. Accidents. Unseen social phenomena. Creating $7.5 Billion in two days for Nintendo and Nitanic, the augmented reality game maker owned by Google.

There are upsides and downsides. Pokemon Players are having their personal data, geodata mined, stored and marketed to third parties. A whole new augmented reality economy is now available. Uber can offer transport to Pokemon Hunters. Air BnB can offer accommodation. Mobile Data for Smart Phones. Power supplies. MacDonalds, Pizza and Fastfood Chains can offer takeaways using drones for dropoff at Pokemon Gyms and Stops. Possible new tourism opportunities. Pokemon visits Hobbits. Other more R-Rated services. Drugs. Profiteering opportunities. Pokemon stores.

Many people will become addicted to it. Just like any game. Except this one is superimposed onto real life. I am not a Pokemon Player.  But the Pokemon Players will be family, friends, workmates, people on the street. The car driver. We will all need to be aware of this phenomenon. It will affect all of us. Directly and indirectly.

Expect to see other AR Games appear. Tour of Duty. Game of Thrones. Then the launch of wearable lenses, virtual reality glasses and wi-fi connected vests/packs for the Pokemon player. People will dress up as their game character or avatar and plug themselves into the game. Just like in the Movie The Matrix. Become part of a Computer Simulated Game.

I hope that there are positive AR games where people are rewarded for positive behaviours. Picking up rubbish. Planting trees. Volunteering. Acts of Kindness. Saving the Vulnerable. Creating Paradise on Earth.

If Augmented Reality Games is a tool for changing human behaviour then we need to embed positive behaviours, codes and rewards in the programming that help to engineer greater human consciousness across the whole planet.

Just like in the Movie The Matrix, we will need to know how to operate in both the real world and the augmented reality-virtual world once this technology becomes more common-place between now 2016 – 2020.

“What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what can you smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain” Morpheus from Move The Matrix.

whatisrealIt is time to enhance your Oracle Powers. Bend matter, space and time. Spiritual Martial Arts for movement and protection between realities. The difference between real and augmented will be minimal particularly when children are born into augmented reality. They will have no prior experience of life before augmented reality. The brain will not know the difference but the soul will. That is when people will need to know how to unplug. Switch off the Game. Go home.


Old Soldiers, Higher Oaths & Heaven on Earth

Here is a radio interview I did recently examining the Middle East Crisis from a Spiritual Forces point of view. A key message was reminding military officers and soldiers to act from their own Individual Oaths of Allegiance to Higher Principles and Conscience rather than Presidential Orders & Sovereign Oaths of Allegiance. Military Special Forces must become Spiritual Forces who balance the Scales of War and Peace. Be The Bearers of Life and Death. Acting from a higher sense of duty and planetary point of view. Put the Sol back into the word Sol-dier. We need wise old Souls in key Military Commands to prevent future World Wars. Benevolent intelligence hacks to override remote killing technologies. The Middle East Conflict in my opinion symbolizes the end of the Bible Story. Not the end of Earth. We will need some global breakdowns and breakthroughs as we rewrite a New Story for Earth and Humanity.

The Middle East is a complex archaeology of historical, religious and geographical layers thousands of years old. I cannot do this subject justice and there are better qualified people to speak and comment. Yet through a spiritual lense, I see that this as a global turning point where we can consciously create Heaven or Hell on Earth. It starts within each person. Heaven is not being biblical but seeing little heavens & miracles appearing all over the world as we shift to global heart awakening. Little Gardens of Eden or equivalent sanctuaries of inspired humanity. Hell is to keep on our current path towards WW3 destruction and destroy most of humanity and surface life. Either way, Earth will continue.

Click here to hear the interview:

middle east crisis aio koa hirini reedy global freedom movement

You Are Not Your Personality?

What is personality, ego, identity or whatever name we give it? On my walk this morning I was talking to myself. My personality is like another “person” that is the co-creation of my every interaction between my inner self and this outside world since I was born. My personality exists in me. It cannot exist separately for I made you. Yet it is the translator, the gatekeeper and manager of my relationship with the outside world.

Do you know me? Or my personality? Who is talking here..

Right now my personality is translating my mental thoughts into physical symbols called English. It is managing my muscle movements to type on a laptop. It is monitoring my emotions and reactions at what I am writing? What will you think of it? Maybe you like it. Nah you think it is full of shit. Does shit think?

It does not matter. Literally it is non-matter. But the decisions of our personality does affect the matter within our body. We feel sensations, vibrations, emotions that our personality decides which are important or not. It uses its own rules to decide. Rules built upon zillions of definitions and impressions gained mainly from outside world interactions since I was born. The decision that I write this in English comes loaded with a whole dictionary of definitions, beliefs, assumptions, histories, emotions that my personality uses to create its rules around what is “English”.

When I was a kid my personality was a pure expression of my inner self. No rules just freedom of expression. I shit my pants. Ran naked. Touched myself. Cried. Broke precious things. Then as I started to grow physically, the outworld started breaking me in. I learnt its rules. No. Stop. Shhh. Ouch. Rules. Behaviours. Laws. Regulations. More rules. Opinions. Judgments. Jobs. Roles. Money. And on and on.

These shaped my Personality. The person you experience.

These create my Personal Reality. The life I experience.

Today, most of my  Personal Reality has been shaped by the outer world. Yet my inner self still whispers to me. My inner truth still guides me. As best as it can. In moments of silence or crisis our inner truth can be experienced. We have a feeling of connection with our own core essence. The soul. The heart.  The innocence. Then the rules of the personality return and the outworld takes precedence over our behaviours once again.

My personality I exhibit, this personal reality I experience is a complex creation of interwoven beliefs, behaviours, definitions, illusions built up over the years ever since I was born.

A bit like this spider web. It was catching the light this morning. My personality is like this spider web. It catches both physical and spiritual matter entering my consciousness yet it is just one web among many. The leaf, the tree, the grass are all webs of life as well. In many ways, adults become stuck inside our own webs of beliefs, values and other threads that hold our personality, our personal reality together. We forget we are the streaming sunlight the sol energy entering into the earth sphere through the human web.

So what?

Your personal reality is just a projection you are living your life through. Change it. Change the channel. Change your core vibrations & your root definitions. Return to the courageous state of my two year old inner self yet merge it  with the learned wisdom from my 50 years or more of this outworld life. From the memories of other human lifetimes I have lived. This allows a new reality to emerge. Inside-out revelation.

Start unpicking your personality? Where are the biggest blocks in your life? What part of your personality is not your truth? What part of your life sucks? What part flows? What behaviours, work patterns, daily routines & rules of society do not resonate with you? Who is that autonomous person that you think is you.

Clean the limiting threads of your personality? Unstitch it until the dark parts fall off. What you will find is that the inner you is already complete in itself. Already radiant and glorious unto itself. You have forgotten to connect to your inner self. Start vibrating this radiant idea, this fresh thought, this new revelation into your physical being. You can now experience a new personal reality that is your perfect creation, the perfect balance between your inner self and the outer world.

Start your new name…new characters…new reality…what stops you eh?


Your Spiritual Peace Staff

“The first battle is overcoming our own fears, limiting beliefs and negative behaviours. Its not just physical self-defence anymore but emotional, dietary, cyber-bullying, human rights & environmental defence. We need to equip our young ones with the internal strength & skills to cope with a rapidly-changing world.”

What is Peace? Is it the absence of War? Or is it just a point of relativity. The calm spot within the turbulent storm spiral. Or The first opening of a shoot. Too much stillness can stagnate. Too much movement can dissipate.  If I am the Sky, then cloudy or fine weather is just a face I am wearing today. If I am the Earth, then earthquakes and volcanoes are just expressions of my being. Tell that to the humans who celebrate or complain about the weather and natural disasters. Maybe compassion in the face of cruelty. Kindness instead meaness.

One must be the staff, the pole, the axis around which spins the winds of fate. You must use your staff, your centre, your heart as your point of relativity. A place where you consider your relationship to all things.