Aio Koa Oracle

Kia ora and greetings, Friend,

I, Hirini had to make this page under resistance because the Online Money Changers said

“Hirini, you are not a Registered Charity in the eyes of Commercial God therefore you cannot accept donations anymore. Unless you register for the charitable Mark of Cain and be coded accordingly, we shall charge you Hirini, a modest 5-7% on every transaction + fixed international transaction fee since you live far away under the white clouds of New Zealand.  And wait.. there is more… under The Divine Laws of Equity and Finance, you can no longer use The Donation Button.. God Bless America.”

So I have changed buttons and added 7% for the donkey cart I must use for payment. I understand now why Jesus used a donkey and a cart to carry his godly goods. 



Much of my funding is helping our kids become more climate resilient and spiritually compassionate. This is the groundwork of the KOA Eco-Warrior Camp. So that they become the Guardians and Caretakers of Mother Earth. Here is a photo of KOA children in prayer on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. The spiritual aspect is important. It gives strength to the physical work we do.


Te Haa Kore Mutunga


Nga mihi nui and Thank you


Hirini Reedy