Proclamation of Natural Sovereign II Rights

To All Who Exist Upon Mother Earth, Greetings….

Let it be known across the entire Universe, that The Great IAM, including all derivatives of Little me-myself-i, hereby proclaim very loudly for All Eyes, Ears and Skins of Mankind to witness and behold these orders….

I. No more drilling, fracking and devastation of Natural Resources of MotherĀ Earth.

II. No more debt slavery and artificial control of humankind.

III. No more profiteering and exploitation of water, air and soil by corporations

IV. No harming of others.

V. Restore harmony.

VI. Live honourably.

Given at First Nation of Aotearoa under the Sovereign Seal of AioKoa on this 26th Day of April 2017.

AiokoaSealRedBy Her Mother Earths Loving Authority.

Signed: His Excellency Captain AioKoa










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