Find New Tribe – Life Is Shifting

Life is shifting. Do not settle for the current status of life. Find a new tribe. Make new moves.
Find people like you who are making the shift. Time to move. Start cleaning out. Start giving. Give forth of your time, your talents & treasure. Your value is your gift. How much you can give? You receive. Your wealth is not your wallet. Your wealth is the invisible. You are only seeing the visible. Sensing the perceivable.There is infinitely more then what you sense. Stop looking at a bank account. Then you get anxious and depressed. Your mind is conditioned to see wealth as money in a bank, a house, a car, a good job. There is an infinite slipstream of wealth cascading down, through and beyond you every instantaneous moment of creation. Like the breath that is breathing through you. You are breathing out creation. Breathing into creation. Breathing is creation. This is true wealth, this is about Mana, not Money. Mana is Life Force, the Units of Life Currency flowing through Creation every eternal moment.

Guess what? Man-made creations around money and wealth are all going to change. It has to. Nature will slap man awake. It has to. Floods, fires, freezes are going to hit with more frequency. Financial markets are going to crash. Banks will become transparent. The appearances will melt down. People will wake up to the truth that money, finance and economics are man-made creations that only man worships and fears.

A little bird building its nest in the rain does not give a shit about our fears. It will face the challenges of its life without feeling sorry for itself..

The Courage of a Little Bird in the Rain

Why are we not fully living our paths if we know that we are all meant to be enthused, excited, universal flow, higher expressions of life? Why are we not creating from the heart and soul rather than purely living from a mind-money consciousness which keeps people locked inside mental walls of social misery. Why have we become smaller, docile versions of our human selves?

A small bird sits in the pouring rain without feeling sorry it has no raincoat or no money. It does not beg, does not seek therapy nor become homeless. It will just fly away and sing its birdsong in rain & shine? It will build its nest with its own labour & building materials. No bankers or builders needed. It will educate its young using its tiny bird-brain. We must ask bigger questions of ourselves. Do not let this human outworld or falling rain or social pain define us. Live from an inner world of fearless self-definition. Live from an inner palace of heart & fire. Create & radiate your thoughts, words & deeds from this place & state. Have the courage of a little bird in the rain..

small bird in rain

When A Good Sh*t Clears The Head

There is a lot of positive self-talk theories around. Be positive, be happy, be calm, relax Hirini. For fucks sake, stop telling me to relax. Sometimes we need to get beneath our words. Bit like having a good shit. You can think about having a shit. Analyse when to have the shit. Then afterwhile I know I need a shit now. What? You are telling me I don’t need a shit….Bit like words. I know which ones work for me. Nice words don’t always work. They cannot handle the rougher emotions.

So I created Self Hypnotic Inturdal Therapy (SHIT) Relief.


1. Breathe in deep.. ready to push shit out..

2. Exhale ONE breath only saying…

(Or variations thereof).

3. Breathe In. Relax stomach muscles. Aaaah you now feeling lighter.

4. Repeat as needed.

Thats it.


Mind Escape – Being in a Foreign Country

I escaped to Bali for a month during May-June 2015 this year. So many advantages when you leave your conventional surroundings and environment of New Zealand. We all need to stretch ourselves. Expand our minds. Being in a different country is like stepping into a new mind space. A new country is like a new mental experience. The language, the customs, the social structures, the climate can be all different yet familiar. Here are different photos. Each one perhaps reflecting a different aspect. A new experience. A new belief being engaged.

1. Here I am with flower in hair near the sacred healing springs at the Royal Resort near Ubud, Bali. The place was exquisite. Gentle. Just like the Balinese. The feminine aspect of my masculine being.



Here I am with a more reflective face looking out over the valley from one of the higher balconies at the Royal Resort.

20150619_153319Here is a face shot of me crossing over on long boat to Gilli Meno from Bali. Enjoying the simple mode of transport as we crossed between islands. Harsher sea environment just like the faces of these seafaring people.



Here I am walking over a coconut tree that had fallen over and I had used as an improvised bridge to cross a stream.The Balinese still work and harvest the rice paddies doing hard physical labour. No machines and tractors. Just sickles, hand held tools and rice sacks. Then they carry these heavy loads over narrow logs across streams, up muddy tracks without slipping or falling. Amazing balance.


Here is a photo of the extremely hard working Balinese people. The incredible loads they carried on their heads and backs. There was a certain irony. Western tourists all looking fat and rich doing yoga and subathing at a hotel resort while 100metres away the Balinese are carrying heavy loads from boats to shore. I would love to do a swap places for one week. The westerners exchange work places with the Balinese. The tourists will tone up their bodies, save money and lose weight a lot quicker while the Balinese can use the tourist money to perhaps fund their children or buy much needed supplies.



Money is relative. It is just a piece of paper. It has no intrinsic value, you cannot eat or grow it in the ground. Humans use it to coordinate ourselves as a species. It is just a collective agreement that we are conditioned into as kids and binds us as adults. Animals don’t need it. Here is ONE MILLION rupiah in cash. Just a number.



Here is a Balinese shaman “Ma-de” scanning the aura and karma of people who attended his healings. We all can tune and relearn our abilities to scan, intuit and get information from our higher sensory perceptions. What is stopping us?



Again travelling to a foreign country is like stepping into a new mind space. A new face is seen.


20 Years of Doing This?

Why am I doing this?

Well it started back in 2000 before the birth of my son Te Aio. It started back in 1994 before the birth of my daughter Te Koanga. With my daughter I wrote a chant which heralded her star origins and her arrival in a celestial canoe guided by ancestors down into this earth settlement. With my son, it was the remembering that our existence is bound to nature and its unnatural to be anything else.

Over twenty years I have been cultivating this?

Aio Koa.

Just a name. A description? Over 20 years,  this Aio Koa is my DIY shamanic healing martial art. It is essentially a spiritual self-discipline. Cultivating my body-mind-heart core to serve a higher cause. Using internal forms and subtle energy to build my consciousness, not conflict. Nature is the teacher. Using Maori and Hawaiki languages, Aio is a Maori word for peace. Our symbol of peace is the sleeping seed. Koa is a Maori word for joy. Our symbol of joy is the wild flower. Aio Koa The Sleeping Seed, Wild Flower. Within each person’s heart, a star-seed sleeps. Waiting to bloom. A radiant flower of spiritual light. Yet it is heavily concreted over by conditioned beliefs and material densities that prevent this flowering. Yet this is going to change.

We must re-activate our sleeping DNA (our light coils) to emit a whole new range of light energy that awakens our consciousness to higher fields. We must design our own unique movements, sounds, symbols, scents, songs and experiences that cleanse the dross and debris to allow our radiant core to shine.

The collective dream of Aio Koa is to nurture and develop ourselves, our children. For we are the future of humanity. We must assist all children to shine. This is the role of the extended family now. Parents, grandparents, family all working together. Countries working together. Species working together. Planets working together. Galaxies working together.

Warrior Reflections-A Sharpened Mind

Something I wrote 2 years ago that still has relevance to the Warrior and Peacemaker path today.

Around mid 2012, I had a writer for Discovery Channel Magazine call me from Singapore to interview me about Maori warrior arts. I had done my Masters of Philosophy on Maori Warrior Arts and Strategy as well as being former Kiwi Army officer, trained in unarmed combat and blah blah. During my time in the NZ Army in 1994, I had led an Army project team which researched the Maori taiaha as a viable close quarter battle weapon which could form an integral part of the NZ Army culture called Ngati Tumatauenga. This writer had been referred to me by a former colleague who is a prominent Maori war historian.

Anyway, the magazine was covering 6 warrior cultures: Shaolin, Ninja, Samurai, Sumo, Dayak and Maori. The interviewer wanted to cover various weapons of war such as shaolin nine-section whips through to Dayak blowpipes to Ninja eye-blinding sachets of ash through to Maori taiaha. The importance of the metaphysical influences such Dayak tattoos, Maori moko, Ninja kuji and other spiritual forms. Various training, skills and legendary warriors. Who was the best etc?

I was reluctant initially because every warrior style is relevant to its culture, its environment, its lifeforce. This emphasis on pure combat, who is the best warrior has always struck me as odd. The last man standing. So macho. Bit like the Mixed Martial Arts inside cages. Gladiator Entertainment. One UFC Blockhead bashing another Blockhead for multi-million dollar payouts. Bored viewers getting armchair rage. Meanwhile children starve and die each minute.

Something needs to change. We need something bigger than video war games and reality combat entertainment. This psychology also feeds the Industrial-Military Complex, the enormous Arms Industry and Global conflicts. At individual level we more likely to get road rage, TV rage, queue rage at MacDonalds than face an actual armed attack. You do the calculations. Work out the chances of being attacked physically. We will more likely suffer self-inflicted negative thoughts or emotional upsets than getting shot today.  This is the time to serve something bigger than just being a video game warrior and Facebook troll.

Kids particularly boys are spending more time being warriors on video games. Getting extra weapons for killing more people. Go back a stage if you get killed then resurrect your character. Lots of blood, severed limbs, burnt bodies. In real life, getting cut, burnt and bashed still hurts and kills. Wake up. But kids just act out what they see in video games, movies and TV.

This global market for gratuitous violence and multiple entertainment is what was really driving the Discovery Magazine article in my opinion. More views. Follow the money.

I asked the interviewer, “I don’t want to hype up the Maori warrior – the myth or the reality. Nor diminish any of the other warrior cultures. The greatest living warrior will one day die as surely as the sun sets this day. Just another memory beneath the sands of time. I look at the modern world, what is the point of being the greatest warrior race on a dying planet”? Is not the greater global battle the one where we unite to defeat our own predatorial behaviours and heal our own aggression towards the Earth and each other. Save the oceans, forests, rivers and eco-systems of the planet. Where is the Shaolin warrior to defend the dying rivers of China, the Yellow River and Yangtze River. Or the Dayak to defend the diminishing rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, the Orangatang and Sumatra Tiger? Or the Sumo warrior protecting the Japanese children from Fukoshima nuclear radiation? Or the Maori warrior defending his tribal seabeds from oil drilling. Yes, they exist but not in the traditional warrior image carrying weapons of war. It is less about the tradition but more about the spirit. The Shaolin Iron Palm becomes more than a physical strike but a spiritual one. The Dayak Blowpipe, the Sumo Stance, the Ninja Shurikan throwing star, Samurai Sword and Maori Taiaha all become symbols of justice and spiritual strength that collectively unite to protect the waters, forests, lands and living creatures from corporations and profiteers.

We all have a part to play in helping the indigenous native peoples defend their natural heritage. When the last Sumatran Tiger roars its last call and the Orangatang its final breath, a sadness passes over us all. A sadness of the soul. At the passing of such noble creatures. This is why the warrior spirit, the defender of life itself must arise within us all. Not just one race. Nor tribe. Nor group. But the joining together in the name of life itself.

The definition of warrior is more than physical combat. It is more subtle. It can involve legal combat against corporations. Governments. It can be the workplace. In a classroom. At home. Or against racism. Or sexism. Or tribalism. Or religion. Or corruption. Or the simple act of surviving. Feeding your family. The struggles of life itself.

We all have a warrior spirit. Inside the body we have. When have we put ourselves in harm’s way. When have we stood up for something. When have we admired someone for doing something they believed in. It is there inside us. Your very own nature will show you, give you clues. It is not purely defined by large muscle, sharp intellect or combat skills – these are essentially tools for the warrior spirit to use.

We must cultivate this warrior spirit. It is an energy that can empower us, give us inner strength. It needs to be respected and used as needed. Just know that you have it in you. It will give you strength that you thought impossible. Not just physical. You must contemplate it. Sharpen it with daily reflection. Strengthen it with prayer. Your body will grow old and life will change you. Your muscle and bone mass will atrophy and age will take its toll.  Be like the seasons of nature. Even an old tree can turn a green leaf in spring. So learn to live in accordance with the seasons. Yet remember who you really are? You are more than just a physical body…

The interviewer missed my point…

PS. Here is a link to the finished Discovery channel article. Read it with an open mind.

Exodus Beyond Belief

Why keep living life according to old definitions? We all must undergo our own mental exodus back to the heartland where our truth still runs freely. Easier to write a poem.

Exodus Beyond Belief.

Here I am at the start again.
Exodus part 2 scene 1 action
Leaving behind the past
My world of used beliefs
Outdated values. Digital barcodes.
I am following the call.
My bird that sings.
Old friends I leave.
New ones I greet
Will I die? Or will I live?
Surely I am dying
If I stay in a world
where life is a commodity
A product, a currency
nah I must go inside
through the spirit cave
that leads out to the
great blue yonder.
I see with new eyes

A mountain in my name
A star beckoning.
There I call to me.

This year 2015 I  have started living less conventional again. To be more freedom finder, to be more monkish, to become less static and more dynamic according to my own definitions eh.

These words above are not new. Towards end of 2006, I just wanted to unplug from normal society and start living life according to my own truths. I had to prove myself worthy of these visions and thoughts I was still getting. So I gave up living in a house and just lived from my car. This was like my own Aio Koa initiation. For 12 months in 2007, I slept in the bush, at the beach or inside my car if the weather was bad. When back in the city I would use the best hotel or equivalent that I could afford. Other times I stayed with family or friends. Using a laptop and a mobile internet connection to do business with the outside world.

I wanted to be able to handle the deep bush as well as the concrete jungle. Be able to walk in both worlds. This was about me going back inside myself to make outer changes. It cleared my mind and opened up my eyes to things right in front of me. In nature I found my clarity. A tree can teach you a lot when you spend a couple of days being in its presence. A butterfly resting on it’s branch then flying off into the open sky. Standing in the pitch darkness, you sense the tree breathing as it sleeps. You also see shades of darkness mixed with white mists of light. Your own skin has eyes of its own. These things must be experienced. In society I found my challenges. Everybody rushing. Parking tickets. Concrete instead of grass. Lots of rubbish. If we walked barefoot more often, our feet would soon tell us what its like to step on broken glass. Yet it does not have to be this way.

It is all a state of mind. The wilderness is actually inside you. Yet the minds have been concreted over just like the grass. I think this is my next path is to remind people of the wilderness within. Even when in the heart of the concrete jungle, do not let your heart turn to concrete. We must be able to walk in both worlds. Both deep forest and urban jungle with elegance and attunement. To be an ambassador for nature. To be a voice for the small flowers and the tiny creatures. Just like little kids they have feelings as well. They are part of the family. They need to be heard and respected.

We do not need much. Yet we tend to want lots.

In New Zealand average houses in Auckland are now costing half million dollars and more. Yet during my year long retreaI I often created my own shelters and improvised caves. Here is one where I carved out the side of a steep bank covered in native and pine forest near Tararua Ranges close to Wellington. You can see my sleeping bag, pack and a book. I have candle going as it was getting dark. Look on the left you see my little spade sticking upright. This what I used to dig the cave. It took about 6-8 hours to get it to basic proportions then I kept refining and reshaping it after the first night. No different to sleeping in a new bed. Keep adjusting. It reminded me of dens where animals would curve out a hollow place to lie and feed their young.

LOVE = Level Of Vibrating Energy

Vibrations are impacting on many levels. Energy, both wireless and material is all around us. Right now there are infinite levels and lines of vibrating energy dancing in and out of my sensory awareness. Through the many vortices of my being.

Here is one definition.


What’s good LOVE? Bad LOVE? Big LOVE, Little LOVE? Huge LOVE with Ugly Beast Face. Lots of definitions of LOVE.

The love of a child. A love of mother. A love of an Ideal? Love of a pet? A tree. A rock. A mountain. All different types of love. These vibrations are radiating infinitely and eternally.

The absence and presence of love? Universal Love always exists. In infinite definitions and expressions that totally exceed our small understanding of it. We know its sensations, its vibrations when the Universal love intersects and resonates with our own love of self to create the divine holiest experience within – our own heavenly experience. The feeling of being alive. Fully alive. Breath taking. Heart stopping. Tear jerking. Fucking unreal. This is IT. I get it.

Then it disappears.


Then the adult begins to question. To doubt. To feel unworthy. Poor me. I work so hard to be miserable. Industries exist to heal my misery. As adults we dilute and degrade our birthright, our pure self love with lots of artificial definitions, emotions, filters such that we experience the adult definition of misery. Instead happiness and love. Lots of conditions. Intellectual exploration. Like this blog. I feel loved when XYZ happens. How can I love my life? I do not have a life. I have to work to make a living.  A family to support. And the list goes on and on..

This is just one huge social definition that keeps getting handed down from parents to kids. Its like a mortgage of the mind. It binds the mind to keep repeating the same old definitions. Mental slavery. So the levels of vibration are just at minimal level. Where is the love?

We all need to clear the hubris, dust, dirty windows, blocked drains, leftover beliefs from our previous tenant self who has been living inside the house of our being. Time for a new timeline. Change the calendar on the wall of the house. Open the windows, open the curtains and let in new life.

You can dream your Highest LOVE inside your house right now. Do not let this external world define what you can do inside your house. You can imagine great things from the comfort of your home. Looking outwards to the future. Beside the warmth of the Past. The images of loved ones. Photos of your former greatness. I look at a photo of me when I was just 3 years old. With a stone in my hand. Being held fast by my two older brothers. One bare skinned with just his shorts on. Holding me so that I would not run away from the photo.

What were your thoughts, little 3 year old boy?

Did you think that one day your future 49 year old self would be looking back on this snapshot? Nah, you were just being in the moment. Wild, untamed, jumping and bouncing with a pure innocent LOVE of Life. Needed to be held down.

We were all like that 3 year old child? We all forgot that child LOVE as we got older. More beliefs became layered on us. Shoes, shirts, shorts. We got dressed up. Soon the little 3 year boy became 5 year school kid became awkward teenager and then grew into the world of adult head.

The good news. We can remember the child LOVE with the body of knowledge and wisdom that my 49 years of life has given me. We can remember those special childhood moments. For a briefest moment, time stands still, the external world stops as we remember that photo. We look at it. We smile at it. It is us. We relive the moment, that special time. We can RE-LOVE life!!! Using the knowledge we have been given. We can play the game better. We know the rules. We can break them. Changing the vibrations. Changing the timelines. Remove the negative vibrations. Re-label them as life experiences. Wisdom gained from living each day. You can can go backwards, forwards in the present moment. Adult heads find this hard to do. But the child mind does it easily. Ascending and descending all in the one breath. It is the LOVE of Life eh! LOVita, the Living Vibration, the Aroha, the Aloha, the Breath of Life.

It starts with the breath again….



Find Your Own Holy Name

We are living in humbling times. So much is happening. On many levels. Great flooding in one part of the globe. Heat waves and fires in another. Earthquakes. Earth changes.  Destroying man, machine and mind in its path. Terrifying yet sublime. Divinity inside the chaos. This is the cleansing, the purgatory needed before illumination. Clearing the dross, asphalt and concrete apartments from the civilised mind.

To remind us that change is inevitable. Each one of us must undergo our own cleansing. One must sweep aside all the hubris, the dross to read the hidden seals left by you to remind you. You must purge the beliefs that prevent your inner doors opening. To let the light in and out. Like breathing..

The light is not what I think it is. It is infinite in its names. If you don’t connect with Ra, Heaven, God, Violet Flame, Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya then don’t despair. Be gentle. Don’t force these names. You have your own Divine Book of Holy Names inside you. Hidden beneath many layers of religious beliefs, conquering deities and veyr big lnog sutpid words wth lotz of rong spellng. Divine comedy.

Let these holy names elegantly find you.


Create Own Healing Symbols

You have your own signatures inside you. Waiting to be read…

You have your own seals left by you. To be discovered by you. In this time.

You must remove the hubris. Wipe the dust. From the tomb of your body. To reveal the sigils. The codes that point the way. Inwards. Into the Core of thy Being. To reveal your hidden heart land. The home of truth. Your truth. Not mine. Not others. Yours.

If symbols of this outward world do not resonate for you at a heart level. If Reiki symbols do not resonate for you. Nor Runes. Nor Cruciforms. Nor Sanscrit. Nor the words in this blog. Then feel free to create your own. Invert, convert, subvert these outward symbols into something totally new, holy & illuminating for you. No one nor thing has a monopoly on truth. Only masses of opinion aggregated into concrete beliefs forming the understructure to modern thought. Truth is the untamed wilderness where the soul runs free. It warms the heart. Like first rays of morning sunlight that warm a shivering bird.

Hence in your healing work. Let your heart be your healing eye, ear, voice and touch. Make your own medicine. Treat your own poison. Know the difference. Everything is relative. No absolutes. One person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. With a whole continuum of shades and shines in between. Just a drop of this added to a bowl of that can make it explode or make it go flat. Same with symbols. Add your own essence. Like the blood surging through your heart. It is your own unique sound of life. The heartbeat that connects to the symbol. Makes it comes alive. Haumi e, hui e, taiki e.